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Dream symbols - proud

A dream about being proud of yourself is much more easily understood if you look at the words and phrases listed here. "A sense of satisfaction", "standing up for yourself" or "self belief" are all related emotions. Understanding the relevance of these is easier.

PROUD IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "feeling proud" dream may simply capture an everyday thought such as "yesterday we got along so well. It left me with a real sense of satisfaction". So really the feeling proud dream simply translates into the words "things going well" and "a real sense of satisfaction". We often think of dreams as being fantastical and divorced from reality yet in truth they just capture big thoughts often from yesterday.

In practice being proud in a dream can have several symbolic meanings. Here is the full list.
- "standing up for yourself" (Think of any reason to b proud of yourself. If you just stood up for yourself in a difficult situation then the dream could represent that. Has someone been treating you badly?)
- "sense of satisfaction" (What gave you a real sense of satisfaction yesterday?)
- "fantasies" (What to you constitutes a hero? have you been fantasising about how many women you could have? Have you been thinking of how you could stand up for a cause? Your dream may just link into these fantasies as you live these feelings out during sleep)
- "a realisation that you should believe in yourself" (Did you wake up from your dream with a new belief in yourself? Your dream may just capture that new feeling of strength and belief in yourself.)
- "making the right decision" (have you just had to do something that was not easy? Are you proud of yourself for doing something that you maybe did not want to do? Have you cut off a friend who was treating you badly? Have you ended a relationship which needed to be ended?)
- "wanting to achieve" (Have you been thinking of how much you want to achieve in life? Have you been thinking about how much time you have wasted and how you need to get moving?)
- "encouraging" (encouragement is linked to feeling proud because if we encourage other people it reinforces their own belief that they are doing the right thing)
- "feeling that you have not done enough" (If you truly believe in something then it can really stretch you. Whatever you do its never enough. Is there some cause that is really filling your mind?)
- "thinking of what you really want" (Dreams can help us picture in our minds what we really want. By experiencing success in a dream then we target the things we really want).

Try to see how dreams capture precise thought processes. Its easy to spot these as they are just fresh new feelings which are arising from our dream mind. Most of these will be things that you are all too aware of. Its a fallacy that dreams link into unconscious feelings. Dreams capture exact thoughts and feelings - the types of things that we might write in a diary or tell a best friend. If translated then they would represent thoughts such as "I made the right decision for ending the relationship with him". That exact thought did actually link to a real dream. The dreamer had a dream about feeling proud of herself for surviving a shark attack whilst her ex boyfriend stood about idly. In reality she had just ended the relationship and felt he would be useless in a crisis and the relationship would not stand the test of time. Overall the dream captures her emotions as she ended the relationship - something like this "I made the right decision as the relationship would not have stood the test of time". The dream was simply a short play expressing those feelings - if he stood idly by whilst she was being attacked by a shark then this proved he was no good.

Dreams can represent very sophisticated thoughts. All we have to do is see how the dream symbol fits in with the dreamers thoughts right now. If we can link the dream to something in real life then we can start to see how dreams really tap into our new thinking and insights. Take for instance a dream where the dreamer wants people to be proud of him. In real life he had been very ill and was just starting to get over these illnesses. He also felt that he could achieve much in life and he had a real energy to make things happen. So by studying the dream symbolism and linking it to the dreamers real life state of mind we can start to see what it means. The dream about wanting people to be proud of him captured these exacts thoughts - "I have been so ill but I want to do so much".