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Dream symbols - puppy

When your dream uses a puppy as a symbol it is not saying "puppy" its probably saying "playful", or "affectionate", or "fun" or "flirting". Understanding the relevance of these words rather than the word "puppy" is much more easier.

PUPPIES IN DREAMS :People ask themselves questions like "why would I have a puppy dream as I don't have a puppy." Think more about what accompanied your puppy dream. If the puppy was joyful then ask yourself questions like "who was joyful yesterday?"

KEYWORDS LINKED TO PUPPY DREAMS Here is the full list of simple key words and phrases which link to puppy dreams. Try to think which of these are relevant in your life right now. If you can think of anything then your dream may simply tap into that theme within your life at the moment.
- "playful" (Who was playful yesterday- like a puppy?)
- "joyful" (Puppies are always happy and fun loving. They can tap into emotions like "it was really fun" or opposites like "I miss the fun we used to have")
- "devoted" (Think of any situation where devotion features in your thoughts. The story in your dream could be saying something about that very situation. You might be recognising how devoted someone is. You maybe quite frustrated by someones devotion which is now getting on your nerves. You may wish for someone total devotion.)
- "completely innocent" (Puppies are completely innocent and harmless creatures. They have not got a bad bone in their bodies. Your dream could link to any thought process which features innocence such as "he is harmless and just having fun" and "how could anyone treat her like that. She is so innocent")
- "flirting" "affectionate" (Puppies are always playful and physical. They can be symbols for any loving behaviour. If you were flirting with someone innocently yesterday then its likely that your dream links to that)
- "cute" (Who was as cute as a button yesterday? )