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Dream symbols - push

Dreams use symbols which seem to have no relevance to real life. Try to think of the wider uses of symbols like "push." Your dream may relate to a situation where you have felt pressured (pushed) into making a decision.

PUSHING IN DREAMS : Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "pushing" dream may simply capture your feeling that "He is really trying to dominate" and so pushing translates into the the word "dominate".

This section will give you an insight into virtually any railway dream helping explain how the symbolism works to express specific thoughts.
- "pressured" (If dreams translate into certain words which feature in your life then surely if you felt "pressured" the day before then this could have triggered a dream with pressure in it? The dream story in which pressure features may not be real but the feeling is very real.)
- "moody" (Pushing in dreams often signifies heightened emotions. If you are moody then everything you do is seeped in tension)
- "getting something you want" (Are you wanting to get something you really want? Are you pushing and pressurizing someone to do what you want? Are you been pushed by others to do something they want?)
- "taken advantage of" (If someone has been pushy it can often link to them taking advantage of you. Did someone take advantage of you yesterday? Does someone tend to take advantage and get their own way?)
- "bad arguments" (If you had an argument yesterday then your dream may reflect the tension in your mind)
- "provocative" (Pushing in dreams can link to tension within your life. It could be your minds way of saying "he was very provocative" or "he has been trying to provoke me")
- "aggravation" (Pushing dreams are often linked to heightened tension. Think of any situation where someone has been aggravating you. That may have triggered your dream)
- "dominating" (Has someone been upsetting your mood by trying to dominate you? If so then you are playing out some of this tension in dreams. If you have been dominating others then the dream maybe about you rehearsing your attempts to dominate them.)
Practical dream analysis has shown that "pushed" dreams can be linked to competitive atmospheres. This is because competitive atmospheres are highly aggressive.

- "competitive atmosphere" (One of the main underlying causes of pressure is a competitive environment. Are you in a highly pressured job? Do you feel peer pressure? Have you got a very competitive personality? Anything like this will trigger a pressure dream?)
- "hatred" (A dream with pressure in it will tend to be associated with certain situations which create pressure. For instance if hatred is a feature in your life right now then this may have triggered a pushing dream. Is hatred eating away at you? Is someone's hatred causing you problems?)
- "unfairness" (A dream uses images to portray thoughts and feelings. A dream with lots of pushing in it may simply be your minds way of saying "it was very unfair". Certainly people with pushing dreams have linked the dreams to issues involving unfairness)
- "straight talking" (Tension often underlies a pushing dream. This can have many causes, one of which is straight talking. Straight talking can help clear the air but it also tells people the truth, which can be very brutal)
- "exhausted" (Were you exhausted yesterday? Did you have to do something even though you were tired out? Such a dream shows you having to push yourself)
- "being touched in your sleep" (Was there a pet moving around you as you slept? Were you sleeping in an uncomfortable position)
- "resist" (Pushing in dreams hints at all sorts of strong emotions and opinions and can suggest you are trying to resist someone. If that is case then your determination to resist is being played out in dreams. Dreams often provide an outlet for strong emotions)
- "aggressive attitude" (Many people have linked pushing dreams to recent situations involving someone's aggressive attitude. So has someone been aggressive in their attitude? If so the dream maybe portraying that specific emotion within their feelings)
- "trying to frustrate" (Pushing dreams can link to frustration. Having you been trying to frustrate someone? if so the dream may portray your attempts to push others around and dominate the situation)
- "100 percent effort" (If someone pushes in real life it can hint at negative emotions but it may also just suggest that you are trying your hardest. If you try your best then you "push" yourself to the limit.)
- "determination" (Were you extremely determined yesterday? Pushing hints at this determination as you try to "push" as much as you can)
- "having to make a decision" (Pushing dreams have been triggered by a decision been forced upon you. If you have been forced to act then a decision has been "forced" upon you.)