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Dream symbols - sad

SADNESS IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "sadness" dream may simply capture an everyday thought such as "I passed my old workplace yesterday. It makes me so sad thinking about all the god times I had then".

In practice sadness has several symbolic meanings. Here is the full list.
- "missing somewhere" (Having you been missing a job you have left? Have you missing a group of friends? Something you were sad about yesterday may have triggered those feelings of sadness in the dream)
- "failure/loss" (Often failure makes us feel sad. If we cannot achieve something that we really want then we feel a deep sense of sadness)
- "relationship could end" (If a relationship is quite rocky then it may soon end. It is at crucial points like these that we start to think through if it is worth continuing. Your dream may represent your need to forget petty differences and remember just how valuable a friend or partner someone has been. It maybe shows your need to concentrate on the positive thing rather than things than stupid problems which have been dogging the relationship just recently)
- "no one cares! No one is interested!" (If you were thinking "no one cares" or "no one is interested" then that may have triggered the dream. So if you cared for something the day before and others simply showed no interest then the dream is probably linked to that exact feeling)
- "sensing someones sadness" (Was someone very sad yesterday? Were you feeling a sense of sadness for someone? Perhaps trying to understand the extent of their problems)
- "depressed" (If you are depressed right now then that may be the root cause of a sadness dream)
- "regrets" (Sadness in dreams is often linked to deep regrets. What did you regret yesterday?)
- "hard times" (Sadness in dreams maybe linked to recent hard times. If that is the case then your dream represents your wish for better luck)
- "lonely" (dreams often have simple triggers. Sadness in dreams is often linked to loneliness.)
- "someones death looms" (Sadness is often linked to death. Is someones illness at a crucial stage? Have you suddenly focused your emotions on someones death? If so the dream captures your sadness at this moment)
- "sad" (sadness in dreams is often simply caused by the appearance of that feeling in real life. Were you sad yesterday? If so the dream probably has something to do with that issue or emotion.)

Sadness is not difficult to understand in dreams. Just think how sadness is related to your thoughts right now. If there is some way in which you felt sad the day before then its obviously about that. It does not necessarily mean that you felt the whole day filled with sadness - you may simply have noted a particular feeling of sadness e.g. "I saw my ex yesterday and realise how much I miss him". Other meanings of sadness in dreams may link to general feelings such as a lack of fulfilment in your life. Lastly try to think of other people whose sadness you have been thinking about.

DREAM WORK - Questions to help you interpret your dream
1. How did you feel really sad yesterday?
2. Has life been lacking excitement recently?
3. Do you really miss someone?
4. Did someone just ignore you yesterday and make you upset because of it?
5. Did you think of someone yesterday and did their situation upset you?