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Dream symbols - safe

This website has analysed thousands of dreams and the symbolic meanings here have been established from real dreams

SAFE IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "safe" dream may simply translate into an everyday word such as "reassured" and your dream captures a thought such as "he really reassures me. I should value his friendship and support".

In practice safe dreams have several symbolic meanings. Write down phrases which pinpoint your feelings at the moment and which include the words and phrases below. Only one of these symbolic meanings apply so try to see which captures your feelings most.
- "reassured" (Did you need more reassuring yesterday? Did someone make you feel reassured? If so the dream focuses on these feelings and pinpoints your conclusions.)
- "tension" (Feeling safe is linked to tension so if there was tension yesterday you maybe thinking about that. Do you need to calm some situation down? Maybe avoid the people and places which caused this tension? Your dream could deal with your thoughts about this tension.)
- "risk" (Your dream could deal with the theme of risk taking. Maybe you want to take more risks? Maybe someone is telling you to be more cautious? Are there some rules getting in the way of you taking risks? Were you thinking of a risk you are not prepared to take? Any thoughts like this maybe played out in dreams. Your dreams will link to your key thoughts and conclusions concerning issues)
- "tricky situation" (Was there a tricky situation yesterday? If so then the dream could be about your thoughts about this and any lessons to be learned)
- "more settled" (Are you feeling happier about something? Are you starting to accept some changes in your life which initially upset you? )
- "nervous" (Does someone make you feel very nervous? Were you very nervous and freaked out by someone yesterday? )
- "prepared/unprepared" (feeling safe or unsafe can deal with the general theme of "being prepared". Did you feel very prepared and ready to deal with something? Are you starting to realise how unprepared you are. Look for hints to show how prepared or unprepared you are. Your emotional state during the dream may simply be your minds way of saying something like "I am completely unprepared for these exams")
- "safe" (Simply put how would you use the word safe yesterday? Did someone make you feel safe? Dreams will often use metaphors in this simple way)

Simple dream dictionaries will often offer simplistic meanings. This dream dictionary tries to show you how dream symbols apply in practice. A simple dream dictionary may say things like a "dream where you are feeling safe means that you are reassured by someone". That meaning could be very true but its best to think of dream symbols like words. Just think in how many ways you might use the word "safe". Your dream could link to any of the meanings above and in many different contexts. Think of phrases like this "He reassures me", "I wish he would reassure me more", "I need someone to reassure me" and "I tried to reassure him". Your dream could link to the word "reassure" but in all the different contexts it might appear in daily thought. Dreams can represent these sophisticated uses and contexts. So if the you have been thinking of a phrase like "a good friend should seek to reassure and support" then the dream could mean exactly that. Your dream could be your mind way of storing such elaborate thoughts.

The following list shows dreams on this site which all featured SAFE or similar symbols.