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Dream symbols - school

SCHOOLS IN DREAMS : We get confused because we leave school and yet dream about it years later. But in fact we never stop learning. Think also of the wider meanings of learning such as "I learnt a harsh lesson there".

- "learning a harsh lesson" "failing"(We often learn the hard way when we fail. Failure is linked to that back to school feeling and that you need to do better)
- "not knowing what to do" (Occasionally we come across some situation where we do not know what to do. A school dream may show that you need to adapt and learn what to do in such an unfamiliar situation.)
- "I go to school now" (If you go to school right now then school probably has no meaning)

Actually we can translate dreams and their interacting symbols into quotes which capture key thoughts and feelings.

- "I am REALISING this has failed"
- "I LEARNT the hard way"
- "I CANNOT DO it"
- "Its a HARSH LESSON to learn"
- "I did not know how to react"
- "I have got to learn what is best for me"

We may think that we stop learning when we leave school at 16 years old. But in reality we continue learning all our lives but in a much more general sense. We learn the hard way that we cannot do something. We have to figure out what is best for us.