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Dream symbols - sex

SEX IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "sex" dream may simply capture an everyday thought such as "we are now strong allies". In that way the mind uses a sexual metaphor to describe an alliance.

In practice sex has several symbolic meanings. Write down some thoughts which feature the words and phrases below. Think especially of recent thoughts and feelings. If you can think of something then the dream could portray that very thought or emotion.
- "thoughts about sex life" (Have you been having some sexual problems? Were you thinking about your sex life the previous night? If so then the dream is probably about sex? If so then write down some key thoughts concerning this. Your dreams meaning will probably relate to these key thoughts)
- "intimate talking" (Were you talking about sex yesterday? Did someone tell you every last detail of their thoughts yesterday including all the secrets? If so the dream could represent this new intimacy)
- "sexual fantasies" (Were you having lots of sexual fantasies last night? Vivid sexual thinking may cause dreams)
- "hearing neighbours having sex" (Was your sleep interrupted by noise of your neighbours or flat mates having sex. Your dream maybe linked to some emotions or thoughts linked to this. Did hearing sex make you feel very excited? Very worried? Very jealous or sad? Your dreams will link to these emotions triggered during sleep)
- "sexual arousal" (If you were very sexually aroused upon waking your dream probably links to sexual urges. Your mind will be very distracted during sleep so your mind will not be concerned with emotional or intellectual issues but rather the urges going on right there and then)
- "admire" (Is there someone you admired yesterday? Your mind will probably be focusing on the type of person you like and the type of person you would like to go out with. You probably are fixing on the type of qualities you like in a person)
- "very appealing" (Write down things that you found very appealing yesterday. Think of thoughts like "I would like it if my boss was on holiday and so we would more freedom". )
- "how you are relating to opposite sex" (You maybe able to sense how you are relating to the opposite sex. For instance, if you have not be dating a sex dream may suggest that you are now more ready to date. Your mind is focused on the possibility of new relationships)
- "sexual signals" (Have you been sensing sexual signals from someone? If so the dream could be about your thoughts about these. Have you got sexual feelings for someone which are not returned or which are inappropriate? )
- "elated" (were you very elated yesterday? Sex maybe your minds way of saying "that was a perfect day" or "that went as well as it could possibly could have".)
- "controlling yourself" (Sex then could relate to issues concerning self control and lack of self control. Did someone lose control yesterday? Did someone go to far yesterday? If so sex could show your mind is focusing on this)
- "alliance/agreement" (Sex in a dream could be an abstract symbol for alliances and agreements. We even use sexual metaphors for agreements and alliances such as "he is an unusual bed fellow".)
- "praise" (Compliments and praise are highly linked to sex. Sex in a dream may simply be your minds way of saying "she really liked what I was doing" or "she really liked what I said")
- "sexual attractions" (Were you particularly attracted to someone yesterday?)
- "tempting" (Were you thinking about a very appealing idea? Would someone have to make something more appealing if you were to agree?)