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Dream symbols - shout

Think of any emotions and feelings which might involve "shouting", "expressing anger" and "failing to express anger"

SHOUTING IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "shouting" dream may simply translate into the word "hate" and the dream capture an everyday thought such as "I wanted to show that hate for him but it was really difficult to say what I wanted at that moment".

In practice shouting dreams have several symbolic meanings. Here is the full list.
- "repressed feelings" (If you are having to repress feelings then shouting in a dream represents your urge to say what you think)
- "honest" (If you are talking honestly then people can start to shout. Often talking openly and honestly involves dealing with difficult issues)
- "true feelings"
- "talk openly" (Were you trying to clear the air? Have you decided to talk openly? Do you worry that saying what you think may end your relationship?)
Look through the list of words and phrases listed here - research has shown that these all link symbolically to "shouting dreams."

- "troubled" (Are you upset and troubled? Do you need to speak about something? Shouting may indicate your need to get feelings out)
- "clear" (Do you have to explain yourself better? Did someone misunderstand you yesterday? If we have to say something more than once our voice tends to rise in volume)
- "macho atmosphere" (Did you go somewhere with a very macho atmosphere yesterday? Somewhere where people talk and say what they think? Are you put off going somewhere where people say what they think?)
- "take notice" (Are you wanting people to take notice? )
- "cannot forgive" (Can you simply not forgive someone for a mistake they made? Are you still hurting because your boyfriend or girlfriend cheated on you? If you are shouting in a dream it could reflect this inability to forgive)
- "tension" (Tension often links to raised voices. A shouting dream may simply reflect tension in the air)
- "not appropriate to say" (Were you wanting to say something but couldn't because its inappropriate? Did someone mean well but ended up really annoying you? Did you want to shout at someone at work but could not because the customer is always right)
- "strong opinions" (If people have strong opinions they can often clash. Did you have string opinions yesterday? Are you coming up against someone with strong opinions?)
- "emphasize" (Did you emphasize something yesterday? Do you feel the need to emphasize something?)
- "noisy" (Was it really noisy last night? Were you woke up by some noise?)
- "hate" (Did someone show real hate yesterday? Are you worried about someone feeling real hate? Were you thinking yesterday of someone you really despise? Underlying any shouting dream maybe this hate? Try to link the dream to changes in your feelings. For instance if you found someone who allows you to show strong feelings of hate on some subject the dream may link to your relief at being able to talk about anger)
- "annoyed" (did yo dislike someone yesterday? Were you annoyed by someone?)
- "arguing" (Obviously if you argued yesterday then this could trigger a shouting dream. Maybe you are still shouting inside you? Maybe you were shaken up by someones anger?)
- "provoked" (Were you provoked yesterday? The dream could reflect your feeling that what you did or said was justified? )