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Dream symbols - silent

The mind lumps together different things which hold some similarity. Silence is linked to "being ignored", "silent tension" and "silence is golden" to mention but a few.

KEYWORDS LINKING TO SILENT DREAMS Here is the full list of simple key words and phrases which link to a "silence" dream. Try to think which of these are relevant in your life right now. If you can think of anything then your dream may simply tap into that theme within your life at the moment.
- "highly praised" ""making a fuss()
- "tension" (Silence in dreams is associated with certain types of situations. Sometimes beneath the silence lurks tension. If your dream seems like a sinister silence then may be it hints that in real life there is tension lurking beneath the surface in some way. Your dream is focusing on this tension - perhaps you have been thinking "I sense that the situation is very tense". If thats the case you have may be been feeling "they are not saying it out loud but we know what they are thinking")
- "peace and quiet" (A silence dream may link to thoughts surrounding peace and quiet. Its an obvious metaphor e.g. "silence is golden." Try to think of any way in which "peace and quiet" and the phrase "silence is golden" link into key thoughts. If you can think of anything then its possible that your dream is about that very issue. So if you have a silence dream it could capture your thoughts from yesterday such as "At last all the problems have been solved and we can sit down and get on with life.")
- "staying silent" (If your dream focuses on silence then perhaps in real life your dream mind has focused on silence. In practice your mind will only focus on silence in so many ways - there are only a limited number of situations where silence is crucial. Did you "stay silent" when people expected you to "speak out". Did no one say anything yesterday when it was obvious that some rule was broken. Your dream may not seem connected in any way at all yet this is the way that dreams work.)
- "stopping yourself" (Sometimes dreams are about the risks that we have taken. Sometimes we cannot stop ourselves saying something. A silence dream may simply portray the need to stay silent and your dream be connected to some conclusions about how you have acted or how you may act egg "I should have kept my mouth closed" or "I will have to keep my mouth closed tomorrow. I know I could put my foot in it" )
- "anxiously awaiting" (If someone is sitting silently it could be associated with thoughts such as "he was waiting anxiously" or "I have not heard any news." If you have been thinking anything along those lines then its possible that your dream is about that exact thought.)