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Dream symbols - sister

SISTERS IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "sister" dream may simply translate into the words "platonic relationship" and the dream capture an everyday thought such as "I am attracted to her but I know she just wants to be like a sister to me". Dreams seem so irrelevant and bizarre yet they often pinpoint key emotions and feelings.

In practice sisters have several symbolic meanings. Here is the full list.
- "open up" (Quite often we will open up to a sister and tell them about our troubles)
- "new feelings" (What new feelings have developing within your mind?)
- "thinking emotionally" (Were you thinking emotionally yesterday?)
- "accepting" (Do you need to accept that a relationship is over? Have you got to act sensibly and start moving forward?)
- "realising something" (Have you just realised something?)
- "need to talk" (sisters often fulfil that need to talk)
- "time to think" (Sisters link to all kinds of emotional thinking. Do you need time to think about some emotional issue?)
- "serious talk"
- "discuss feelings" (Were you discussing your feelings last night?)
- "platonic relationship" (A sister dream may represent any platonic relationship that a male has with a female friend.)
- "inappropriate sexual feelings" (You should think of her like a sister yet you have sexual feelings for her! So you have to hide your sexual feelings. Often you might want more and this may cause problems)
- "support during difficult time"