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Dream symbols - skin

SKIN IN DREAMS : Research into the hundreds of dreams has shown that skin in practice capture the following types of feelings. See how these quotes have caught similar key thoughts in YOUR mind right now.

- "sensitive issues" (How can we link the skin to "sensitive issues?" Dreams use metaphors and if something touches you personally then it suggests you have been thinking about something which involves strong feelings. In practice "strong feelings" can be associated with "sensitive issues". So in this way skin may be your minds way of pointing to "sensitive issues". If you have been thinking "he was very sensitive about it" then your dream may have recorded these strong feelings and sensitivity and you may be thinking that next time you should be more careful. If you were feeling very sensitive about something said yesterday then its more likely that you are recording these feelings. May be you are just feeling sorry for yourself? You might just be noting how badly you were affected? It could be that you need to avoid situations like that again - may be avoid the person that upsets you or situations where your sensitivity is obvious)
- "emotional pain" (Skin dreams are often linked to pain as well. If this is the case then its likely that the skin in your dream links to you feeling emotional pain. May be there are some bad feelings lurking in the background. May be you are still feeling hurt by what someone said. )
- "beneath the surface" (In some ways the skin represents the surface in a mkore general sense. So the dream mind may use the skin as a way of depicting "beneath the surface". If such a theme is in your thoughts then its possible that this symbolism applies)
- "history of bad feeling" (Some people have had dreams involving their skin if they have just been in a situation where they have a history of bad feelings with someone. We use the phrase "he gets right under my skin" and may be that symbolism applies here)
- "it really gets to me" (Skin is a vert personal thing and so it links to highly involved issues and emotions. Studies have shown a skin dream may occur when you have been feeling "he is really getting to me" or "this is really getting to me" )
- "creeped out" (If someone really creeps you out then you do not want them near you. If they touch your skin then thats the worst possible scenario. So skin in a dream may hint at issues involving people who creep you out. If you were thinking thoughts like "she is very creepy" or "I hope I didn't seem creepy" then its possible that the skin in your dream links to these feelings)
- "real pain" (Skin dreams often link to very personal situations and feelings. Actually skin dreams may link to real physical pain. In such cases your dream simply means "I feel pain" or "I am in severe discomfort". Such dreams mean little as they just observe what is going on - in certain circumstances they may hint at what needs to be done e.g. "I am in pain and I need tp turn over in bed")