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Dream symbols - skyscraper

SKYSCRAPERS IN DREAMS : Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "skyscraper" dream may simply capture your wish for greater confidence - you wish to stand tall just like the skyscraper.

- "confidence" (A confident person stands tall just like a skyscraper. Have your thoughts involved issues of confidence? Were you especially confident yesterday? Have you been short of confidence? Do you dislike meeting people who are confident and outgoing? Have you been mixing with some especially confident and outgoing people recently? If you have answered any of these then your dream may link to that subject in some way. Look for other clues from the other symbols)
- "recognition" (skyscrapers stand tall and this is an excellent symbol for recognition and respect. Do you wish to stand tall and be recognised at a distance for your abilities?)
- "interest" (A skyscraper in dreams is a like a measurement, the higher it is the greater something is. So a skyscraper can measure someones interest in something. Have you been trying to increase someones interest in something? Have you been trying to drum up support for something?)
- "every effort" (It is easy to see how skyscrapers can symbolise your very best. A skyscraper stands out for miles around and has an impressive presence. Putting every effort in is a slightly different but related concept. If you put every effort in you are doing your own best.)
- "authoritative" ()
- "highest standards" (A skyscraper stands tall and stands out from the rest so it can represent the best and highest standards. Have you been trying to put your best efforts into something? Has someone demanded the best from you? Think of any link to this theme. If you can think of something then your dream may link to that precise issue. Its a myth that dreams link to unconscious matters. Most people accept now that dreams link to conscious thoughts, the types of key feelings that we might write down in a diary or tell a best friend.)
- "standing up to someone" (We use the phrase standing tall to show confidence and a willingness to stand up to someone. A skyscraper fits in nicely with this symbolically.)
- "improve" (A skyscraper is a measure of the highest and can link to any other related measurement such as "the best", "the most confident" or "the fastest". An "improvement" is a similar concept and so a skyscraper could stand for any improvement you wish to make)
- "elation" (Elation is an emotion which is very much connected to skyscrapers in dreams. Its linked to that "on top of the world" feeling. Were you elated yesterday? Do you hope to feel elated soon?)
- "ability" (A skyscraper is an example of the highest and it can be a symbol for anything like that such as "the best", "most confident","most authoritative" and "most able". Did you want to show your ability and knowledge yesterday?)
- "respect" (Like we have said skyscrapers stand tall and so are excellent symbols for confidence and respect and other related qualities. Have you been demanding respect? Did someone demand respect off you yesterday?)
- "proud" (A proud person stands tall. Was someone especially proud yesterday? Are you wanting to be proud? Think of any similar theme - if you can think of anything that issue may be linked to your dream)
- "encouragement" (Dreams can link to certain key words because their symbolic meanings are similar in some way. Encouragement is linked to skyscraper dreams as you are encouraging the best in others. You wish for them to stand tall like the skyscraper)
- "feeling good" (if you feel good you stand tall. A skyscraper dream may simply represent some good feelings and mood from yesterday)

Dreams are very complex in their meanings. Dream books are often simplistic - a skyscraper dream may mean that "you are going to be confident". Your dream may in fact mean that but it may also mean many different things. A skyscraper dream may in fact tap into issues of confidence. But the dream may mean that you wish to be confident. It may also mean that you have been thinking about confident people and how they cope better. A skyscraper may link to issues of low confidence. It may also be a dream about your reflections on your confidence in the days gone past. A skyscraper dream maybe about you but it may equally be about someone else. The possibilities are endless and that's just with the one symbolic meaning - that skyscrapers represent confidence.

Dreams will use dream symbols in complex and rich ways. Think of dream symbols in the same way that we think of words. They can be used in as many different ways as you can imagine. But dreams will tend to pinpoint key feelings and most dreams are in the here and now. If you had just been thinking about your own lack of confidence then surely a skyscraper dream would use skyscrapers as a symbol of confidence. Most dreams represent your actual thoughts so if any key feeling links to any of these key words then its likely that the two are linked.