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Dream symbols - snow

Dreams symbols are linked to the emotions that we associate with them. Fresh white snow is symbolic of purity and goodness. Slushy and muddy old snow could be symbolic of delays and problems of any kind

SNOW IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "snow" can simply translate into the word "delay" and the dream capture an everyday thought such as "I am getting frustrated by all these delays". In that way your dream pinpoints a key feeling, the type of feeling that you would write down in a diary or tell a best friend.

In practice snow dreams have several symbolic meanings. Here is the full list.
- "lack of momentum" (heat often denotes progress so cold can link symbolically to lack of progress. Was there a lack of progress yesterday? Are wanting more momentum with something?)
- "delays" (Snow brings with it delays and problems. What delays have you had which give you a similar sense of your day being disrupted?)
- "feeling cold whilst asleep" (Often we are aware of what is happening whilst we are asleep so if you have been feeling a bad chill during sleep or you wake up very cold then the snow could be a symbol for that. Such dreams are very interesting, though they do not mean much. They simply mean "I was very cold whilst I slept")
- "good feelings" (If you see fresh snow you feel good. Did you get a fresh and new feeling yesterday?)
- "Christmas" (Have you been thinking about Christmas? Have you been making preparations for Christmas? If so then your dream may link to these actual thoughts about Christmas)
- "illness" (Snow can link to delays and problems and so if you are ill then snow expresses your frustration with illness and all the delays associated with that)
- "disagreements" (Snow can be associated with all sorts of negative things and a snow dream could be your minds way of pointing to disagreements and similar problems)
- "incompatible" (Snow can express negative feelings so if you realised your incompatibility with someone)
- "lacking romance" (Snow can express unhappiness and so if you are lacking romance then your dream of snow is probably highly associated with that. The cold and problems with snow are metaphors for this lack of romance)
- "unhappy" (Snow can often make you feel unhappy. There is a lack of sunlight and you cannot get out. So if you feel unhappy the snow could be your minds way of expressing these unhappy feelings)
- "harsh winter weather" (Snow maybe just a symbol for cold weather. Does the weather forecast predict lots of snow? Where you thinking about an incident or memory which included snow? If so the dream is quite literal. The snow represents cold weather and some thoughts which involved col weather)
- "rejection" (snow can be linked to all kinds of negative metaphors. If you feel rejected then the snow can link to those feelings of unhappiness and rejection)
- "positive feelings" (Snow can have all sorts of meanings many of which have opposite meanings. Snow could be your minds way of expressing positive feelings. If snow is not such a common site where you live then its something refreshing and fills you with positivity? If your dream seems positive then that's maybe because it captures positive feelings and your positive outlook)
- "frustrations" (Did you feel particularly frustrated yesterday?)