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Dream symbols - soldier

SOLDIERS IN DREAMS : Research into the hundreds of dreams has shown that the soldiers in practice capture the following types of feelings. See how these quotes have caught similar key thoughts in YOUR mind right now.

- "hardship" (In practice we can guess that people who have soldier dreams are experiencing certain types of thoughts. We can link "soldier" dreanms to feelings like "This is a harsh environment" or "We are having to struggle through" or even more complex thoughts which deal with the same theme such as "I enjoy hardship as it strengthens my character".)
- "toughen up"
- "discipline" (A soldier dream may hint that "discpline" is a theme in your thoughts right now. May be you have recongised gthe need to be more disciplined? May be you should keep youtr mind on the job and buckle down. May be you recnise that some situation involves discipline?)
- "team work" (One feature of war is that soldiers team up together and fight for each other. So soldiers are linked by association with "team work". How has team work featured in your thoughts? How has team work been cebntral to some thought process? Think of feelings like "I really enjoy the sense of team work at work" or "I sense we are pulling together now" or "we need to work more as a team or we will fail".)
- "determination" (Soldiers show great determination so they may be a symbol for your need to be more soldier like and show similar determination)