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Dream symbols - spider

- "trapped"(A spiders web is trap so think of any thought or emotion which uses such a theme such as "they are trying to trap me into signing" or "How can we trick them? We need to set a trap!")
- "entice" "trick" (A spider entices its prey into its web. We could say it is tricked. So think of other ways in which you might use those words "enticed" or "tricked")
- "stuck" "lack of freedom"(Whats does a spiders prey feel when its in the web. Primarily it is stuck.)
- "depression"(A dream of a huge spiders web is difficult to escape from. Its an excellent metaphor for any moment of depression.)

Dreams represent our thoughts and feelings. Most thought processes or feelings can be reduced to a small quote like those listed bellow. Those listed here could all be linked to "spiders" in dreams. Try to see how the symbolism of "spiders" translates into very real feelings.

- "I FEEL TRAPPED in depression"
- "My family will just not let me have my FREEDOM"
- "I don’t feel she can ever ESCAPE FROM this situation she has got herself in"
- "This problem is dominating all aspects of my life"
- "I feel TRAPPED in my JOB"
- "I have NOT GOT THE FREEDOM to do that because of my responsibilities"
- "I am just STUCK here"
- "I feel unable to make a decision"
- "I am trying to ENTICE them"
- "I have finally GOT MY MAN!"