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Dream symbols - spy

People say things like "why would I have a spy dream as I am not in the KGB or CIA." Yet they may have been 'spying' on a neighbour the day before or they may have been annoyed because their partner had been 'spying' on them.

SPIES IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "spy" dream may simply capture an everyday thought such as "I have become very paranoid". In that way your dream picks out one features of spies - they live in a very paranoid world and cannot trust anyone.

In practice spies have several symbolic meaning. Here is the full list.
- "watching everything someone does" (for instance one spy dream was linked to the dreamer watching everything his ex girlfriend was doing. The atmosphere between them was difficult and they were both spying on each other)
- "paranoid" (If you have become especially paranoid then the paranoid world of the spy is an excellent metaphor. You cannot trust anyone!)
- "secrecy" (did you feel a need to really keep something secret yesterday?)
- "conceal" (the world of the spy is closed and secretive. Are you becoming very careful about your behaviour trying to conceal everything you do? What bad habit did you try to hide yesterday?)
- "codes" (One dream in our database took place as the dreamer was intent on solving a puzzle the night before. The puzzle involved the need to crack a code. So the spy in this dream linked to one feature of the spies world - code cracking )
- "under investigation" (are you under investigation? Are you paranoid about what you say and trying to conceal the truth? If so the spy is an excellent metaphor capturing the same paranoia)

Its a fallacy that dreams capture unconscious thoughts - dreams represent thoughts that we are all too aware of. A typical dream would translate into the types of thoughts that we might write down in a diary or tell a best friend. Dreams represent your key thoughts which pinpoint the problems right now. Try to write down some quotes which capture your feelings right now and try to include the words and phrases above. For instance if paranoia is a feature of your workplace right now then the spy is clearly a symbol which is relevant.

Dreams can represent very sophisticated thoughts. One spy dream involved torture as the German Gestapo were trying to extract "the truth". In real life the dreamers mother had just found out that her son knew a college professor and was very proud that he was mixing with someone so prominent and respectable. In truth the dreamer knew this professor because they played poker together. This was something he needed to keep secret and something which his mother would not be pleased to hear. The torture dream and spy represented the need to keep knowledge of this poker night secret at all costs.