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Dream symbols - store

We go into shops to get the things that we want. Shops in our dreams link to our wishes and our available options.

STORES IN DREAMS : What do you actually do when you go into a store? You go in with an idea of what you want and try to get those things without too much cost. Dreams are quite similar in that we have store dreams often when we are trying to decide what we want and attempting to achieve that with as little effort.

In practice news has several symbolic meanings. Here is the full list.
- "various options" "keeping your options open" (We go into shops to get what we want. In dreams they are linked to the options that are available and our thoughts about the efforts that we would have to put in)
- "What you want" (Have you been thinking what you want from life? Have you been thinking what you want and what others want may be different?)
- "possibilities" (Shop dreams may occur when you believe everything is possible. May be you are thinking of changing things! You do not have to do what you are doing. You can do something different.)
- "finding time" (Have you not been finding time to do the things that you want to do? Do you need to make an effort to do these things?)

DREAM WORK - Questions to help you interpret your dream
1. In what way did you use the phrase "what I really want is...." yesterday.
2. Are you trying to make time to do something?
3. Have you been thinking about doing new things?
4. Are you wanting different things in a relationship to someone else?