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Dream symbols - sudden

SUDDEN IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "sudden" dream may simply translate into the word "realisation" and the dream capture an everyday thought such as "I realise now how much I should value my friends support". In this way dreams can capture vital emotions and they might translate into the types of things you might write in a diary or tell a best friend.

Try to see how these words and phrases are linked to the symbolic meaning of "sudden dreams"

In practice sudden dreams have several symbolic meanings. Here is the full list.
- "sudden realisation" (Did you have a sudden realisation yesterday?)
- "insight" (Have you suddenly gained an insight into something? Think back to yesterday - was there a moment of meaning when you realised that you need to take note)
- "the consequences of doing something" (Have you started to realise the consequences of doing something?)
- "no time to react" (If something happened suddenly in a dream then that may indicate that something happened giving you no time to react.)
- "someone has changed" (Has someone changed beyond recognition?)
- "impatience" (Do you tend to be very impatient? If so he dream may capture your wish to get things done quickly)
- "surprising" (Did something really surprise you yesterday? Did something happen which was totally unexpected? Did you step back in surprise when you heard someone say something yesterday, almost not believing what you were hearing?)
- "big changes" (Have some big changes taken place very quickly? Are you finding it difficult to adjust to the speed of this change?)
- "urgency" (Does something have to be done very urgently? If so a dream described as "sudden" may mirror the urgency in your mind)
- "fantasy" ("sudden" events in dreams can be linked to fantasies. So if you are suddenly with this guy you like then the dream may play out some fantasy. Fantasies are like that in that we really want something to just happen. If something is so unlikely that we just imagine it has happened without any explanation)
- "fast moving situation" (Was something very fast moving yesterday? Is the situation quite volatile? Have you been thinking back to yesterday when things might seriously have gone wrong? If so the dream shows you recognising your good luck and remembering that things could have turned out so differently)
- "temper and mood" (Are you suffering from big changes in mood? Are you close to someone whose temper can explode suddenly and without good reason? If so then then a sudden dream may link to that. Look for other hints to link the dream to these moods or tempers)
- "premonition" (A dream that is described as sudden maybe a premonition of some sudden unexpected event the next day. Did something surprising happen?)
- "inconsiderate" (If someone does something suddenly this can hint at someones inconsiderate nature. They may have taken liberties with you. It shows you wish for things to be discussed rather than people just expecting you to agree to something)
- "under pressure" (Did you feel under pressure during a particularly difficult day? If so the dream links to those moments of real stress.)
- "secrets" (Are you worried that some secret maybe revealed? Did someone reveal a new side to themselves suddenly yesterday?)
- "sudden" (Think of obvious metaphorical meanings for this symbol. In what way would you use the word sudden to describe your feelings yesterday? What happened suddenly? What took you by surprise? Just think of any way in which you would use that word sudden and your dream may link to that issue. In some way your mind has noted this suddenness? Try to think why this was important to you)