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Dream symbols - suicide

Suicide is linked to emotions like "I cannot be bothered" or "that was bound to end in failure.

SUICIDE IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "suicide" dream may translate into words like "self defeating" and the dream capture this type of thought "he acted stupidly and this was bound to end badly". So suicide was symbolic of someone being their own worst enemy. Their actions were self defeating and bound to end in disaster - just like the actions of someone who is suicidal. In this way your dream could be your minds way of saying "have you got a death wish?", "that was bound to end in failure?" or "I simply cannot be bothered any more." Suicide is strongly linked to all of these emotions and themes.

In practice suicide in dreams have several symbolic meaning. Here is the full list.
- "wanting to just give up" (Suicide can often have strange meanings. It can capture that simple wish to just "give up". Did you feel you wanted to give up on something yesterday? Are you fed up of trying to calm things down and people who simply do not get along with each other?)
- "doing something stupid and self defeating" (we all make mistakes but did you make a mistake yesterday that was just plain stupid? Are you your own worst enemy? Do you bring trouble upon yourself? Your dream maybe your minds way of admitting that you made a terrible mistake and you brought about your own downfall)
- "reckless behaviour" (dreams are often metaphors. We often say that someone acted suicidally and it just means that they acted without thought. It is maybe just your minds way of saying that you need to think before you act. Has someone been accusing you of acting recklessly and suggesting that this could get you into trouble?)
- "feeling worthless" (we associate many feelings with suicide. A suicidal person often feels worthless and that they have nothing to live for. So a dream of suicide may just capture this one specific feeling - that you feel worthless. Do not exaggerate the importance of this - it does not mean always that you feel suicidal. A suicidal person can feel worthless but a person who feels worthless is not necessarily suicidal)
- "mental health problems" (if you suffer from depression this maybe just your way of saying to yourself that you are going downhill. )
A suicide dream could mean that you have been thinking "I have no reason to live." But equally it could be your minds way of saying "Why be so gloomy. You have so much to live for." A dream symbol shows that certain themes might be relevant in your life right now - a suicide dream may deal with the theme gloominess versus none gloominess.

- "at rock bottom" (Dreams are less about facts and more about your emotions. Emotions are like a roller coaster - we can dip down low. A suicide dream just captures that mood as we hit rock bottom. But remember that emotions are like the tides of the seas - they constantly move and flow so soon you maybe much better)
- "deep unhappiness and insecurity"
- "complete disregard for his own safety" (Are you not taking heed of warnings? Do you simply not care about how things turn out? These are common feelings with the suicidal but a suicide dream may simply point to your own reckless disregard)
- "wild lifestyle" (It takes a lot of guts to commit suicide. So a suicide dream may simply capture that dare devil moment when someone actually jumps. So in fact such a dream is about jumping and not caring about the consequences. These dreams can have some odd causes. A singer or performer has similar moments when they go on stage - they go on stage when literally anything can happen)
- "a life wasted" (when someone commits suicide we say that it is a wasted life. A suicide dream can occur to simply express that feeling - "he has wasted his life". have you been thinking over your life and been disappointed at your lack of achievement)
- "nearly just been in an accident" (did you nearly cause an accident yesterday?)
- "feeling totally exasperated" (Suicide dreams may mean that you are totally exasperated. The dream is comparing your situation to a person who feels suicidal - they are totally exasperated and want to simply give up. But a suicide dream may refer to the wish to "give up" on something very specific e.g. "I give up with my brother - he is a lost cause". So a suicide dream may mean that you wish to give up on something not on life itself)
- "continuous problems" (Are you been ground down by a problem that does not seem to go away?)
- "thinking about someone who committed suicide" (Suicide can be a literal symbol. Were you thinking about someone who has committed suicide? Have you been trying to understand someone's extreme depression? Are you worried that someone may do something stupid?)
- "a personality that likes taking risks" (Suicide in a dream may simply be about your personality and your tendency to take big risks.)
- "life has no purpose" (Have you started to think of the relentless boredom of life? Does life seem to hold no meaning? People often say that they would kill themselves if they lost their job or that they would jump off a bridge if their husband left them. These are often throw away comments which are not meant to be taken seriously.)
- "not knowing why you bother" (Sometimes dreams take specific emotions connected with a symbol - suicidal people often think "why do I bother?" This maybe your minds way of thinking that same emotion but applied to a specific situation - e.g. "I do not know why I bother with my father as he never listens").
- "something that could easily have been prevented" (We have dreams which point to something similar. When someone commits suicide we immediately ask the question "Could something have been done?" Where have you asked this question just recently? What big inquiry have you had into why something happened?)

Its a fallacy that dreams capture unconscious thoughts - dreams represent thoughts that we are all too aware of. A typical dream would translate into the types of thoughts that we might write down in a diary or tell a best friend. Dreams represent your key thoughts which pinpoint the problems right now. Try to write down some quotes which capture your feelings right now and try to include the words and phrases above. For instance one suicide dreamer had just been thinking about his own obsessive behaviour and disregard for his own safety and well being. So really the suicide dream portrayed a specific emotion in him - it portrayed this type of thought "I am being very obsessive and I seem to be behaving with a complete disregard for my own well being". So really the suicide dream depicts the decline in his mental health rather than his actual wish to commit suicide. He was showing the types of symptoms of someone who was starting to lose their mind.

Dreams can represent very sophisticated thoughts. Take for instance the following dream - "I was really depressed and suicidal. Then the scene was suddenly full of light and life". In real life the dreamer had been having some real problems with someone. Now he was just starting to realise that these problems were now sorted out and that this person was actually being very friendly to him. The dream depicts this transformation in his thoughts and so captures this exact thought process - "I have been very down but now I am starting to realise how friendly she is being towards me". Dreams are linked to our assessments of the world around us and they will capture major changes in our feelings and assessments about people. So the suicide was symbolic of him being very down and depressed about these problems. The scene full of life captured the transformation.