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Dream symbols - suit

This page looks at the basic themes that designer clothes can link too. Read through these and try to see which have featured in your thought processes recently.

SUITS IN DREAMS : The meaning of dream symbols is linked to the types of feelings and scenarios that we associate with them. We wear suits to "impress" so a "suit dream" could occur when "trying to impress" appears as a theme in your thoughts.

- "trying to impress" (If someone is well dressed then we associate this with words such as "impressive" and "successful" because well dressed people are usually more impressive and successful. This connection is obvious. Your dream will probably link to some way in which this word "impressive" features in a key pivotal thought such as "I want to impress," "I really impressed them yesterday" or even more complex meanings such as "how should I go about impressing her". )
- "serious" versus "casual"(Many dreams are related to assessments that we make about ourselves and what is happening to us. A suit dream could link to assessments based upon questions like "How serious am I about this job" or its opposite "am I being too casual." )
- "important" (We associate suits with the word "important." "Important" people are well dressed. If you dress well it shows how important you feel something is. It proves that you are trying)
- "respect" (If someone is well dressed it can show that you are respectful of something. We dress up for a funeral to show respect. We dress well to gain the respect of other people.)

Dream symbols can have sophisticated meanings. Try to think how the basic themes mentioned here feature in your thoughts in any way. A suit dream could link to "taking something seriously" but it also links up to the opposite meanings "taking things casually". That's because a thought process like "he needs to take things more seriously" is just another way of saying "he is too casual about it".

Dreams capture key feelings and thought processes. We can sum up key feelings in quotes like those below. Suits in dreams could result in the following types of quotes - try to see how good clothes link symbolically to these quotes.

- "I hope to really IMPRESS her tommorrow"
- "I had a very SERIOUS conversation with him"
- "we showed how IMPORTANT this was to us"
- "showing a RESPECTFUL attitude"