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Dream symbols - t-shirt

T-SHIRTS IN DREAMS :People make a definite statement about their image if they wear a T-Shirt. We can read little messages about a situation if someone wears a T-Shirt. It may mean that they are trying to be casual. On other occasions the reason that they wear a T-Shirt may just be linked to the exceptionally warm weather.

- "casual" "formal"(T-Shirts are casual wear and so try to see how casual wear appears as a theme in your thought processes. A T-Shirt dream may have been triggered by a thought such as "he is too casual at work")
- "take things easy"(People will often wear T-Shirts when they are on holiday or when they are taking it easy. Has such a theme appeared in your thoughts recently eg "I am looking forward to my holidays" or "I want to take things easy - I have worked hard recently and now I deserve a bit of a break")
- "warm weather"(Your dream may simply be making a statement about the weather. We wear T-Shirts if the weather is hot. Your dream may have been triggered by thought processes like "there is no ")

The meaning of most dreams should translate into a short quote eg "He doesn't take me seriously." Below are a list of quotes which could easily link to T-Shirt dreams. ry to see how the symbolism of T-Shirts features in this.

- "I have been to CASUAL in my attitude"
- "I need to take this more SERIOUSLY"
- "I am so looking forward to my holidays"
- "It's really warm at work we need air conditioning"
- "I tried to CASUALLY drop some hints"- "I have tried to be less LAZY recently"