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Dream symbols - teenager

Dreams portray your emotions so all kinds of people turn up. One minute you can be with teenagers and the next pirates. These people appear to portray various moods or feelings. A teenager could portray how inconsiderate you have been - like a teenager

In practice teenagers have several symbolic meanings. Here is the full list. Try to see how these words and phrases appear in your thoughts right now. Then try to weave these into sentences which pinpoint your thoughts right now.
- "inconsiderate" (teenagers are famed for their inconsiderate behaviour. Did someone's behaviour remind you of a teenagers behaviour yesterday?)
- "over confident" (Teenagers can be over confident to the point of arrogance. Was someone cocky and arrogant yesterday?)
- "cheeky" (Were you a little cheeky yesterday? Do you worry that something came across as cheeky?)
- "mischievous" (Teenagers are real trouble makers and revel in causing mischief. Can you think of anyone who was causing trouble yesterday? Is your young child growing into a typical teenager?)
- "reckless" (who behaved recklessly yesterday)
- "immature" (Were you annoyed by someone's immaturity yesterday?)
- "pushy" (teenagers are famed for their exaggerated actions - was someone overly pushy yesterday?)
- "disrespectful" (Teenagers have no respect for authority. Did you wish to rebel in that teenage way yesterday? Do you worry that you came across in a pushy way yesterday?)
- "a sense of freedom" (Are you doing the things that you used to do when you were a teenager? Do you want to run away from all your responsibilities?)
- "have fun" (Did you have fun yesterday in the way you used to when you were a teenager?)
- "stay up late" (Did you behave crazily last night staying up all the hours)
- "cut loose" (Did you get the urge to cut loose and go crazy last night?)
- "rebel against rules" (teenagers are always rebellious - did you take up the cause yesterday?)
- "not wanting to be responsible" (Are you sick of the boredom of everyday life? Are you tired of the routine of work? Do you wish to break free of the responsibility of life?)
- "wanting to take over" (Teenagers have massive over confidence and a belief that they can take on the world. They will take over something without thinking. Did you try to take over in some way yesterday in a way which was inconsiderate?)
- "wanting the life of a teenager" (Are you jealous of the teenage life? Do you wish you had your son or daughters freedom?)
- "insensitivity" (Teenagers are often disruptive and insensitive. They often do not care about peoples feelings. Who was especially insensitive yesterday?)
- "thinking your life is in chaos" (Teenagers are often very over dramatic and ridiculous. Was someone the drama queen yesterday - talking about how bad their life was?)
- "emotional problems" (We often associate teenage life with unhappiness as we suffered emotional problems and overload during that time of our life. Has your life descended into chaos yet again reminding you of your teenage years?)

Its a fallacy that dreams capture unconscious thoughts - dreams represent thoughts that we are all too aware of. A typical dream would translate into the types of thoughts that we might write down in a diary or tell a best friend. Dreams represent your key thoughts which pinpoint the problems right now. Try to write down some quotes which capture your feelings right now and try to include the words and phrases above.

For instance one dreamer had a teenager dream and in real life he had just started to post on a new forum. He had very different ideas to the people on this new forum and felt a bit cheeky. If you look down the list of teenager meaning we find that the following meanings could be relevant here.- "over confident" (he worried he came across as overconfident joining a new forum and immediately disagreeing with everyone)
- "cheeky" (He had very different ideas from the people on the forum he had joined and so was worried that he might seem cheeky)
- "mischievous" (Again he knew he had different ideas to those on this forum and so felt mischievous)
- "wanting to take over" (He had different ideas to people on the forum he joined and did wish to take a lead role. This might offend other people so he had to guard against it)
- "insensitivity" (He was worried he might appear arrogant and insensitive joining a forum and taking over)

So after carefully analysing the dream we find it could easily have caught this exact feeling - "I joined this new forum yesterday. I realise I have very different ideas to them and disagreed immediately. I have got to guard against appearing overconfident and wanting to take over. "

Dreams can represent very sophisticated thoughts. One dreamer had a dream about a gang of teenage boys who were raping children. This was a difficult dream to analyse. The dreamer had been thinking about the world in general and was developing a very bleak view of the world. She was thinking the worst of humans. So teenage boys were her minds way of expressing this bleak view of the world. Think of all the negative things we associate with teenagers such as "inconsiderate", "cheeky", "over confident", "wanting to dominate and take over", "pushy" and "disrespectful". She was seeing all these behaviours in the world in general.