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Dream symbols - tidalwave

Try not to think about the relevance of tidal waves too your life. Instead think of feelings and situations you might associate with it such as "a crisis", "huge impact" and "overwhelming"

TIDAL WAVES IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "tidal wave" dream may capture the huge impact an illness has had on you.

KEYWORDS - TIDAL WAVE DREAMS Think about these keywords and phrases. Do they feature in recent feelings and thoughts? If yes then the dream may link to that specific thought or feeling.
- "worst fears coming true" (A tidal wave could be your minds way of saying "I fear my worst fears may come true". Have you been thinking about a worst possible scenario? If so then your dream may play out those fears)
- "turbulent emotions" (Do you suffer from mood swings? )
- "terrible illness" (A tidal wave is almost like an end of the world dream. Do you feel like some illness has had a catastrophic impact on you? Do you have some terrible illness such as arthritis or )
- "overwhelming" (Dreams use symbols to describe emotions. So to describe a feeling of being "overwhelmed" a tidal wave is an excellent symbol. Did you feel as if you could not cope yesterday? Have you been worried about someone who cannot cope? The wave is symbolic of the problems, which to those who cannot cope, will seem like mountains)
- "huge impact" (Your dream could be your minds way of saying "that would have a huge impact" or "this has had a huge impact on me". Does a theme like that feature in your thoughts right now?If yes then your dream may capture that specific thought)
- "worries" (Dreams are very emotional and our worries can get out of hand. A tidal wave may be appropriate for the worst worries)
- "fear relationship end" (Do you fear a relationship will be swept away?)
- "breaking point" (Are you at breaking point? If yes the dream could portray your own state of mind as a terrible catastrophe is occurring)
- "someones true feelings" (Strangely a tidal wave dream, in fact any disaster dream, can link to your thoughts about someones true feelings. Have you been thinking if someone really loves you? Have you been thinking about the long term prospects of some boyfriend or girlfriend? If they appear in a dream then the dream maybe a test of how much you trust them in a crisis.)
- "consequences" (Have you been thinking about the huge consequences of something? Maybe you are wondering if something will cause more problems than it solves?)
- "huge backlash" (Do you fear someones huge backlash? Have you been thinking about the consequences of making a complaint against someone?)
- "false assumptions" (False assumptions and illogical ideas will be swept away in due course. What illogical ideas were you thinking through yesterday?)
- "lack of confidence" (The root cause of a tidal wave dream maybe lack of confidence.)