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Dream symbols - tiger

Who was as fierce as a tiger yesterday? Whose temper was like a tigers? These are the likely meanings of a tiger dream

TIGER IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "tiger" dream may simply translate into the word "rage" and the dream captures the feeling "My husband got into a terrible rage yesterday".

In practice tiger dreams have several symbolic meanings. Try to think how the following words and phrases link into your feelings right now. Then try to write down sentences which capture your key feelings and intuitions right now.
- "intimidating" (a tiger is obviously intimidating. Who intimidates you right now? Who intimidated you yesterday? Do you tend to get easily intimidated? Think of any link to this theme of intimidation.)
- "bullied" (Did you suffer from bullying yesterday? Have you been bullying someone?A tiger dream may just be your minds way of saying "he is a bully")
- "temper/rage" (Were you surprised by how angry someone was yesterday? Did someone fly into a rage yesterday? Tiger dreams may link in a very oblique way to rage. A tiger dream may be symbolic of a thought such as "I have to get angry to get through to my husband")
- "impatient" (Impatience can be a very interesting link to tiger dreams. People who are very impatient can be very irritable and may easily explode into a temper. Have you been very irritable recently? A tiger dream maybe the dream minds way of saying "he snapped my head off for no reason")
- "constant tension" (Obviously tigers link to heightened emotions and with that rage and related behaviour. Tigers could also symbolise general tension and underlying this is a fear that tempers could explode)
- "avoid someone" (A tiger is something you would obviously want to avoid. A tiger dream maybe your minds way of saying "I really need to avoid her" or "I plan to avoid her". Has avoiding someone been linked to your emotions just recently)
- "upset" (Its easy to see how tigers link to violence and temper but the link is less obvious with being upset. But tiger dreams can show that you were upset the day before. If you get upset then your emotions are savaged in the same way a tiger savages you. One scenario would be if you were to see an ex who upsets you. Maybe you are not over the break up and seeing the person drags up all those bad feelings.)
- "life threatening situation" (An encounter is an example of a life threatening situation and so a tiger dream could be your minds way of saying "I could have died". That has many practical applications in real life such as "That car was very close yesterday and I nearly got knocked down")
- "terrible consequences" (Dreams use metaphors rather than words. In real life we would say "if that happened then there would be terrible consequences" but a dream would feature something similar such as a tiger savaging you. So a dream still points to terrible things happening. So a dream about a tiger savaging you represents terrible things happening)

Once you understand the basic symbolism of dreams you will start to realise how they capture basic feelings such as "he was very angry yesterday". However, the more you understand dreams the more you will start to see how they can tap into more sophisticated thoughts. A tiger can link to a bad temper but think of all the ways in which you can use that concept. Its likely that a dream will link into some key feeling so look for sophisticated intuitive thoughts involving rage. For instance a wife may think "the only way I can get things done is if I fly into a rage with my husband. He doesn't respond to anything else". I believe that dreams can capture sophisticated thoughts like that. The symbolism is often more difficult to understand but given some experience you will start to see how dreams capture key intuitions, however complex they are. Its likely that a dream will capture the types of thoughts that you write down in diaries or tell a best friend. They will tend to link to new feelings and thoughts.

Dream symbols link to themes. A tiger dream could link to themes involving bad temper. Its easy to see that a tiger dream could represent a situation where you lost your temper. But dreams can be unclear in how they are using a symbol. A tiger dream could also mean that you wish that you had a fierce temper and the dream could capture a feeling such as "I wish I had a fierce temper. They just ignore me and anything that I do. Dream symbols like words can be used in many different contexts and their meaning might not be so clear."