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Dream symbols - toilet

The mind links different things together and this is how dream symbolism works. Concentrate less on the public toilet in your dream and more on the associated feelings such as "embarrassment" and "invasion of privacy."

TOILET IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "toilet" dream may simply translate into the words "unloading all your troubles" and the dream capture an everyday thought such as "She unloaded all her problems on me yesterday. I was finding it difficult because I wanted to get on with my work". Dreams may seem irrelevant and bizarre yet, once you learn their symbolism, they may translate into key emotions which pinpoint important feelings from yesterday.

In practice toilet dreams have several symbolic meanings. Try to write down sentences which capture your key feelings and which also feature words and phrases listed below. For instance "yesterday I was shocked at what they said. I simply could not believe that someone in that position would have opinions like that".
- "nervous" (We say things like "I nearly wet myself" when we encounter a situation which makes you nervous. Think of ways in which that applied yesterday. Your dream may portray those nerves.)
- "shocked" (Again the saying "I nearly wet myself" seems relevant here. Were you shocked by something yesterday?)
- "embarrassing"
- "desperate problem" (Going to the toilet maybe the mind way of saying "that's a desperate problem")
- "humiliated"
- "intrusive" (Going to the toilet is a very private thing. So toilet dreams, and especially public toilet dreams, may portray situations where you felt very intruded upon. Did you feel very intruded upon yesterday? Did you have some feelings which you wanted to keep private?)
- "unloading all your problems" (Did someone unload all their problems on you yesterday? Did you tell all your troubles to someone? )
- "unhealthy situation" (Have you been thinking about the healthiness or unhealthiness of some situation?)
- "unresolved anger" (Have you got unresolved anger which is spilling out and making a mess of your emotions)
- "stirred up emotions"
- "waking up needing to go to toilet" (If you woke up needing to go to the toilet your dream may directly link to this. If we are distracted by anything during sleep we cannot devote our dreams to essential emotional and intellectual thoughts. Instead your dreams will simply mean something like "I want to go to the toilet")
- "scared" (Were you scared out of your life last night? If so the phrase "I nearly wet myself" may be relevant again)
- "relieving tension" (Have you been thinking of ways in which to relieve tension and get rid of unwanted feelings?)