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Dream symbols - town

TOWNS IN DREAMS : There is some evidence to suggest that urban dreams can have quite abstract meanings. An urban situation is more complex and built up than remote areas. So this may hint at situations which are more complex and where there are many competing opinions and viewpoints.

- "lots of things to consider"()
- "complex situation"(There seems to be some evidence that urban scenes may appear in dreams if you are considering quite complex subjects.)
- "a state of mind"()
- "considering other peoples feelings"()
- "busy urban life" versus "quiet life"()

Dreams represent our thoughts and feelings. Most thought processes or feelings can be reduced to a small quote like those listed bellow. Those listed here could all be linked to "towns" in dreams. Try to see how the symbolism of "towns" translates into very real feelings.

- "things to CONSIDER"
- "Groups of people and settings in your life"
- "the urban life"
- "small town boy" "small town attitude"
- "CONSIDERING other peoples feelings and thoughts"
- "a state of mind"