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Dream symbols - tree

TREES IN DREAMS :A tree dream may seem completely unrelated to reality yet its quite an abstract metaphor. The roots off a tree run deep just like the family. A tree is quite permanent and lasts for a long time and so links to important people and relationships in your life.

- "important part of your life" (A tree is an excellent metaphor for an important part of your life as a tree is prominent, and deeply rooted.)
- "deeply rooted" (We use the phrase "he has put down roots" to describe someone who has a deep connection with someone or somewhere. How has such a theme been important in your life?)
- "permanent" (A tree lasts for many many years and unlike plants it seems to last for a long time.)
- "feelings run deep" (Trees can be symbols for the important relationships. The metaphor works quite well as its the feelinsg that run deep rather than the roots of the tree. So your dream could be about some important feelings. Perhaps someone is very involved with something and they have strong emotions which you need to take account of. In such a case the dream is warning you to take notice of peoples feelings.)
- "family" (Trees are excellent symbols for the family as we use the phrase the family tree. The tree symbolises the deep roots of the family and permanent nature of the relationship)

How could trees be symbols for your emotions? Well a tree is deeply rooted so look for things which are deeply rooted in your life. A tree could represent a job or relationship because they are deeply rooted in your lives. So a tree represents important things in your life. So try to see how these are changing - is a relationship no longer important? Have you been thinking about a job you have left which was important to you? An uprooted tree could represent some important part of your life which is no longer there. So think of things which are missing now that have been deeply rooted in your life.

DREAM WORK - Questions to help you interpret your dream
1. Have you been thinking about family or key relationships?
2. What hobbies, or relationships have you been thinking about which are important to you?
3. Have you been thinking about ending a relationship or job and the consequences of leaving?

Dream analysis has shown that you can translate a dream and all its interacting symbols into quotes which capture some key feeling. Look at the list below and try to see how the symbolism of trees is relevant.

- "Its was a PERMANENT PART of my life"
- "I am DEEPLY ROOTED here"
- "it really was very IMPORTANT to me"
- "Those feelings stayed with me"
- "it was difficult to end the RELATIONSHIP"