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Dream symbols - win

We associate winning with races yet there are wider meanings such as "winning the argument"

WINNING IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance an "winning" dream may simply translate into the words "personal struggle" and the dream captures the feeling "I suffer from arthritis but I will not be beaten by this".

KEYWORDS LINKED TO WINNING DREAMS - "Proving yourself right" (winning in dreams links to all kinds of personal struggles. Often proving that someone "said something" or that they were "caught doing something" will fill our thoughts. Has such a theme been relevant in your life right now? Have you been trying to prove how you were always right about something?)
- "personal struggles" (We use winning in wider senses in dreams. In real life we say "he is winning his fight against cancer" or "He is winning his battle with drugs". Dreams use all kinds of victories and wins in dreams to show these epics struggles in our own lives)
Look through the different words and phrases which are linked to winning and try to see how any of these are relevant right now in your life.

- "successful" (Have you just achieved something? Have you successfully completed something at work or in a hobby? What have you been trying to do for ages and now find yourself close to doing? Your dream may link to the emotional energy you have been putting into this)
- "judging" (Have you been judging something? Have you had to decide which is best and what criteria to use when deciding?)
- "grudges" (often we get into little personal contests with people. These grudges can dominate our day to day thinking. Winning in a dream may link to your wish to prove yourself right against someone else? Is there someone who really gets on your nerves right now? Do you fantasize about humiliating them or proving them wrong? Your dream may in some way link to this intense personal struggle in your mind)
- "competing against others" (Do other people want what you want? Are there others girls competing with you to get the same guy? Have you been thinking how tough something will be because so many people want the same thing?)
- "destiny" (Winning dreams can be linked to our ambitions and fantasies. Do you have something that you always want to achieve in life? Do you believe that you will be successful and its just a matter of time. Your dream could be about the continued effort and energy and belief that things will work out. This could be in anything - do you feel you are destined for promotion? Do you feel feel someone is destined to be your boyfriend or girlfriend?)
- "self belief" (Winning dreams maybe about your own confidence and self belief. Did you wake up with a new self confidence? If that's the case then the dream captures this new mood within you. Dreams often just capture these new emotions and will often just mean "I woke up feeling confident" or "I woke up feeling sad". Such dreams simply capture new emotions as they emerge from our dream mind)
- "confident you are doing the right thing" (Dreams often represent the little conversations we have with ourselves. You might be saying to yourself "I should do it this way!", then "I know this is the right way to go". These dreams help us channel energy into projects and they are linked to us thinking about achieving our goals)

Here is how to interpret a dream. First look down the list of words and phrases listed here and think how any of these have relevance in your life. If the phrase "self-belief" has relevance in your life right now then the symbolic meaning is probably linked to that exact phrase. But the meaning of the dream will link to some context in which that phase is used. So if you were thinking how "I need self belief to win approval for my new project" then the dream probably links to that exact emotion.