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Dream symbols - witch

Here is how to interpret a dream. First look down the list of words and phrases listed below such as "bad luck." Try to see how any of these are relevant to you. If, for instance, you had been thinking that "I have had such bad luck with my health" then the witch in the dream could link to the "bad luck" you are having and the belief that somehow you are cursed (like a witches curse). It is these types of conceptual emotions which underpin a dreams meaning. Look for these.

WITCHES IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "witch" dream may simply translate into the word "selfish" and the dream captures the feeling "My mother has been so selfish recently". You will find that witches in dreams will translate into several different words or short phrases which are all listed below. Try to see which is the most relevant to you right now.

KEYWORDS LINKED TO WITCH DREAMS Here is the full list of key words.
- "selfish" (Has a woman close to you just been acting very selfishly? Try to think of someone who is selfish minded! Try to ignore thoughts of the broomstick and evil laugh. A witch in a dream is much more likely to represent a mother, friend or interfering neighbour)
- "bad luck" (Dreams are about your feelings. So a witch dream may simply be your mind way of saying "I feel as if I am cursed. I get continual bad luck". Of course you know that you are not being cursed. The dream just captures that feeling that its always you who seems to come out worst)
- "evil minded" (We do tend to associate witches with evil (though not all witches are evil). Can you think of a woman whom you despise for their evil mindedness?)
- "cranky and annoying" (Can you think of a female who is continually cranky and annoying? Someone who always makes a fuss and is renowned as an eccentric who is impossible to please? If you can think of someone then they maybe the witch in your dream.)
- "secretive" (If someone is being secretive we start to view their actions with suspicion)
- "tendency to interfere" (Witches are associated with evil minded and selfish behaviour. One thing that characterises their behaviour is their tendency to get involved in everything. They always want their say and always try to interfere? Can you think of anyone like this?)
- "dislike" (Can you think of a woman you really dislike? Witches in dreams may represent a woman whom you simply dislike. Some of the other bad qualities may not apply - the woman may simply be disliked)
- "ugly and haggardly" (Dreams link to specific qualities. Your dream might be your minds way of saying "she is secretive" or "she is selfish". One quality we associate with witches is ugliness. So your dream may link to that theme in any way. Were you thinking how ugly a woman is yesterday? Do you worry that you are looking haggardly recently?)
- "mother in law" (Mother in laws will tend to come up quite a lot and therefore merit their own place in this list. At their worst they can feature many of the qualities listed above such as selfishness, cranky and annoying , secretive and a tendency to interfere)