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Dream symbols - yell

YELLING IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "yelling" dream may simply capture an everyday thought such as "he seemed very annoyed yesterday. I didn't realise he felt so strongly about it". In that way your dream picks out one features of yelling - strong feelings and shows how the dreamer is trying to understand someone's strong feelings on a subject.

Dreams about yelling will link to the types of words and phrases listed here such as "trying to warn someone". The heart of understanding a dream is seeing how these words and phrases go to the meaning of your dream. In real life you may have tried to "warn someone that they needed to seek medical help for some condition." Therefore we can guess that the symbolic meaning of "yelling" is linked to "warning someone" and the meaning of the dream links to the frustrations and inability to get through to them.

In practice yelling has several symbolic meanings. Here is the full list. Try to think how they relate to you right now. Then try to write down sentences which feature one or two of these phrases which pinpoint your intuitions right now.
- "trying to warn someone" (Did you try to warn someone about how bad someone is yesterday? If you are trying to explain how bad someone is or how harmful something is then a yelling dream could represent your frustration as what you say is not getting through)
- "very upset" (we get angry about the things which upset us. If you got upset yesterday then its possible that this could trigger an anger dream)
- "suppressed anger" (sometimes we feel the most terrible anger but cannot express it. For instance at work we cannot say exactly how we feel. The customer is always right and so however annoying they are we have to bite our tongue and say nothing)
- "need to express anger" (Sometimes we feel anger and it does us good to express that feeling. If you hold anger in too much it causes bitterness and resentment. Your dream may recognise that anger and you maybe realising the need to show your feelings)
- "determination to resist" (yelling portrays strong feelings within us. Are you trying to prevent something? Do you just want to say NO! Your dream may capture this exact emotion)
- "realising how bad things are" (Dreams can often portray a moment of meaning. Did you realise how bad things were yesterday?)
- "needing to accept" (often anger burns away at us and at a certain point we need to accept that nothing can be done. If such a situation is troubling you right now then your dream may express that feeling that enough is enough and you simply have to move on with life. Perhaps you have had a break up and you are dwelling on that and need to simply let go of the heartache.)
- "petty squabbling" (petty arguments can deeply annoy us. If someone really gets to you then you find it difficult to calm down. Sometimes the rage continues on into sleep and so your dream symbolises your need to scream at how angry this has made you)
- "realising that something could cause trouble" (have you been thinking of doing something that could cause serious problems? Do you need to think carefully and avoid the problems that may arise? Getting things out into the open may not be such a good thing - it may provoke trouble)
- "arguing constantly" (constant tension and arguments can start to really get to us. Your dream really just says that you feel angry and frustrated - it mirrors your emotions from the previous day)
- "preventing something which is clearly wrong" (If you feel something is clearly unfair and unjust then it will obviously anger you. If you have taken a cause to heart then a yelling dream could clearly capture that feeling that someone has been treated wrongly)
- "being truthful and honest" (Truth and honesty is often difficult to accept. It can raise tension and cause problems)
- "making things perfectly clear" (Did you really try to emphasise something yesterday)
- "having to take notice" (Have you been trying to avoid listening to someone's warnings?)
- "not caring what people think" (Did you get really frustrated and just let rip yesterday? Are you not caring about the consequences of speaking up?)
- "wanting emphasise something" (did you want to really emphasise something yesterday? Yelling shows that strength of feeling and need to get through to someone. If they do not listen the first time then you simply have to get them to take notice)
- "actual noise" (a dream of yelling may link to any situation where things got very noisy. It might simply be your minds way of saying - "I realise I had the stereo on too loud last night")

Dreams can represent very sophisticated thoughts. most dreams will portray new feelings. The kind of things that you write down in a diary or tell a friend are literally the kinds of feelings that are captured in dreams. It may not seem obvious but when you learn how to translate dreams its easy. For instance a woman had a yelling dream the day after her son went to her ex husband to stay overnight. Yelling often symbolises frustration and anger so its easy to say that the dream symbolised her anger over this. But we can even go further by relating the dreamers precise emotions to the dream symbol. She thought it was wrong that her severely autistic son was to stay with her ex over the weekend. He did not care or understand his sons autism. By looking to the dreamers thoughts and relating those to the dream symbol we can say that her yelling dream captured this precise feeling - "Its so unjust that the court allows my son to stay with my ex because he is not fit to look after him. But I just after to accept this".

It is surprising how far you can take dream analysis. By studying dreams we can start to really understand the meaning of symbols. Next we can start to merge together the meanings of different symbols. Its not so difficult as most dreams link to things in our mind now. Take for instance the following situation which was on the dreamers mind. He had forged a strong friendship with a woman. He had sexual feelings for her and just recently he had been thinking of telling her this and also getting out into the open other things. When he had a dream of his sister yelling at him then its easy to see how this captures his feelings. The anger the sister showed represented the dreamers realisation that if he told this woman his feelings then this might provoke a big backlash. The sister is also an interesting symbol in that sisters can symbolise women that its inappropriate for a man to have sex with. So by merging these two symbolic meanings together we find it forms this precise feeling - "I really want to tell her how I feel but I realise that it may cause problems. She might get angry - a sexual relationship is clearly out of the question".