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Why is this the best dream website in the world

Actually, this is not such a big claim to make. The vast majority of all dreams sites feature absolutely no dreams at all. They feature lots of dream symbols with vague meanings.

In contrast, this site features hundreds of well researched dreams which I believe are accurately understood. How are the dreams understood you may ask? Six years ago I discovered dream forums on the internet. At first I frankly knew little about the interpretation of dreams. After a year I looked seriously at how dreams could be studied. How could we begin to unlock the meaning of dreams?

I began to collect a certain type of dream - homing in on dreams where dreamers had posted background knowledge. I then chose dreams where something big had happened to the dreamer the day before. The reasoning is that if something big had happened the day before then we could safely assume that any dream would be about that subject. The dreamer would be thinking over the previous days events.

I had long suspected that dreams often linked to the previous day anyway. Dream symbols seemed to pop up by coincidence. If the dream had visited a lake then a lake or water would appear in the next nights dreams. If he had been to a party then party scenes would appear in the dream. Freud has acknowledged this link to the previous day. Most dreams are about thoughts in our head. Yet he was more interested in the big dreams which revealed our true personality.

If something big happened the day before then surely any dream would have to be about this one event. When an argument occurs we will spend the day thinking only about this single event. It makes sense. Freud often has put forward the idea that dreams link to something in our past - a childhood event. But surely we will be more likely to think about things in the present. Of course we are shaped by the past but we view the past from where we stand in the present.

Because dreams link often to events from the previous day it makes the whole job of interpreting them much easier. It allows the scientific study of dream symbols.

If we dream about a snake then its meaning is not so vague - it refers to something snake like in the previous days events. Occasionally a symbol may have more than one meaning but usually it will not. If we concentrate on dreams where big events happened the day before then we then know that this dream must link to this one issue(or so the theory goes).

This dream site features hundreds of real dreams many of which relate to the previous days events. Study them and you can make your own mind up. Then study your own dreams. See how important events translate into dreams! Make your own mind up.

By studying dreams which we know the cause of we can truly begin to see how the mind works. I believe that the dreams we have can truly be understood.

The dream Bank has helped reveal a true insight into the nature of dreams. They come straight from the heart of the conceptual mind. They refer to key thoughts and feelings! If we study this dream collection we can begin to see how deep psychological processes translate into dreams.

That may seem like vague nonsense. Its not. Take the following dream

DREAM: I dreamt I was Major Sharpe - fictional TV character from the the Napoleonic wars.

This dream happened the day after the dreamer had destroyed his own camera due to his own reckless behavior. Now - if we assume that the dreams link to major events from the day before then this dream starts to reveal a true insight into the dreamers own thoughts. In reality the dreamer was angry with himself - he had gone out to take photographs of surfers the previous day. Yet he took too many risks and damaged his camera. Major Sharpe, was a fictional character who took many risks and always came out without a scratch. This was fictional drama on TV. It was all just a little too unrealistic - in fact its almost unbelievable. Indeed that's where the dreams meaning is revealed. The dreamer was revealing his own reckless actions. He felt that he was like Major Sharpe taking many risks. Yet he was reflecting on this in a bad way. Therefor we can assume that the dreams meaning was this "I was very reckless yesterday! I was just like that Major Sharpe. But he was lucky as he was a fictional character. In reality if you act like that then expect the worst to happen."

This dream site features hundreds of dreams like this. The dream meanings are approximations. Of course we cannot truly prove the meaning of a dream. Yet this site does put forward some ideas.

Here's another example

DREAM: I was having a fight with the Elephant man and was losing.

This is another simple dream but its meaning in reality shows how accurate dream symbolism was. The day before this dreamer had been fighting (though not physically) with a group of people. He disliked these people personally. One was outrageously gay and camp. The other was a transsexual. He clearly did get along with these people in real life.

The dreams symbolism is easy to understand. It clearly captures and pinpoints his main thoughts on this subject. He was fighting with them - frequent arguments had taken place. He was indeed losing the fight as he had become isolated amongst the community he was living in. The dream featured the Elephant man and this was clearly a symbol which revealed his true feelings. He really personally disliked the people he was fighting with. The Elephant man was popularly known as a freak and this is how the dreamer felt about the people he was fighting with. He was just not used to dealing with outrageously camp gay men. He believed that they were freaks.

So here we have one simple dream which on the surface appears ridiculous yet when understood it reveals the dreamers prejudices and feelings about a very personal argument and fight which was dominating his own thinking.

Here is another example which again is very short yet reveals a lot of information about exactly how the dreamer is thinking and feeling.

THE DREAM - I was with some friends I couldn’t recognise. we were in someplace that looks like a farm. We were surrounded by snakes like cobras and vipers. All my friends were scared to kill them but I took up courage and attacked killing like five of them. I hit them on their heads with my belt head.

With a dream its important to look at what is happening - just from a simple point of view. How does the dream have relevance to similar situations. In this case the dreamer was wanting to start a business. Yet several of his friends had been trying to discourage him. The dreamer was really wanting to move forward despite these warnings. His friends were clearly more nervous about his proposed business venture than he was. The snake obviously stands for the problems and risks of failure.

When trying to understand a dream I always try to sum up a dreams meaning. In this case the dream captures the following thoughts "I want to set up a new business. My friends have been warning about the recession and the risks of bankruptcy. I really want to move forward with this new business". The way the dreamer deals with the snakes shows his key feelings on an important issue dominating his mind at the time.

This website features hundreds of dreams like this. There is a wealth of proof showing how dreams go to the very heart of our conceptual mind. Here's another. This time the symbolism is a little more complicated.

THE DREAM I seem to be observing a competition. There seems to be around four castles. There is a competition to see which one is the best. It is about which is the strongest. Each castle has a king and the different kings and queens all give different reactions.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been thinking over his approach to his work. He had devised one or two new ideas. Now he was wanting to see in practice if one approach was better than the others. He was going to judge which was best by the reactions that each approach received.

This website has hundreds of dreams and proves the link between dreams and important issues dominating the dreamers mind. Once we understand this we can start to really move forward in our understanding of dreams. Most importantly when something big is on our minds and we have been refining our own thinking about this key issue - the only issue on our minds. In such cases we know the dream is about this issue - we just have to really study the dreams meaning. Often this is not easy. But it is possible.

Take the following dream

THE DREAM : There was a game of golf. A man was being stabbed.

I found this dream difficult to understand. The previous night the dreamer had been thinking about something intensely. He had been trying to write an essay. Each time he rewrote it he was getting closer and closer to the explanation he wanted. He was refining his views. As the night drew on he had got very involved in this topic.

So we look at the dream and see how the dreamers thoughts from the day before could translate into accurate dream symbolism. Well the symbolism of the golf was difficult to understand! But if you think about it logically the game of golf involves getting closer and closer to the goal - the potting of the ball in the hole. So the dream did in fact capture the dreamers key thoughts - he had refined and rewritten his essay. Each time he was getting closer and closer to the goal just like a game of golf.

But what did the knives mean? Well I have noticed that knives and intense stabbing can refer to subjects that we get highly involved in. Be that a intense emotional issue or a project which we are delving into. When we study an issue with great passion and try to explain it then we slice it open and delve into the very heart of the subject. We reveal the inner meaning.


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