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If you really want to learn about dreams the best way is to look back at the dreams of other people. This website features hundreds of well understood dreams. Each dream is explained in full. So try the following pages - they link to the huge collection of dreams on this website.

Dreams about snakes

Dreams about police

Dreams about being chased

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Why is it easier to study dreams by studying the dreams of other people?

A dream interpreter cannot easily give clear answers to someone they do not know. It is only really possible to understand your own dreams. To truly understand a dream you must make lots of little connections. Say a dream involves fighting then you have to look for all instances of fighting from the day before. First rule out incidents from the day before. Was there some argument or tension anywhere. If yes then the dream possibly links to that. If no then you must make other little connections. Are you worried or tense about something coming up? If yes then thats a possible trigger of the dream. If not then you must look for something else.

The point is that if a dream interpretor gives you an answer like this its just a lot of vague nonsense. If someone tells you "If there was tension yesterday then thats maybe the cause of the dream otherwise it maybe caused by something else". There is so much vagueness in the answer. It does not fill you with confidence. But thats the trouble with dreams - they have many different possible causes.

If you study old dreams which are understood you start to see how dreams capture specific things. They are not vaguie nonsense. They refer to specific issues or moods which you felt yesterday.

In studying dreams here you will see how dreams capture the things in our mind. Freud was fond of linking dreams to long forgotten issues in our past. This website prefers to look at dreams as representing your own current thinking. Yes dreams may refer to issues from the past. But dreams touch on these issues as part of your current thinking. Freud would see a dream in the following way - You are haunted by the way your father used to beat you. This website views this from a different perspective - "Yesterday I was treated badly. It makes me feel of when my father used to beat me". There is a subtle difference in the two. Freud would see a dream as linking to an unchanging past. This website views our intuitions as changing. We are dogged by traumas from the past but we look at these from the perspective of the here and now.

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