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DREAM FORUM - pregnant horse giving birth
POSTED August 2, 2012, 15:04 by Bm (Viewed 6065 times)

THE DREAM : Hi. In my dream I saw like I was in a garage , and there was two sort of old men, and a brown beautiful horse in cage, which had a white beautiful mark on his forehead. then I saw horse is trying to give birth to its child, then I told the man to open the cage, and the horse gave birth then the other man opened the garage door , and the baby horse stand on his leg outside the garage, and then the mother went next to its child, that's all .

THE BACKGROUND:-----------------------------------------------------
Unclesirbobby (POSTED August 3, 2012, 03: 5: 56)

Dreams are triggered by the things that happen to us. Try to think of some background information to link this dream to. Try this page as it deals with one of the symbols in your dream - 'beautiful' things and feelings


For instance one dream with a beautiful scene in was triggered by the dreamers feeling that he had grown as a person...

Look for the parts in bold text. They help pinpoint the meanings of 'beautiful' in dreams. Of course each symbol has several meanings... after all we use use words in several different contexts

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Horses in dreams

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Dreams represent our deep thoughts and feelings. They are metaphors. They use symbols to compare real life to various memories from the past. We use our experience to make sense of the present.

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