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This website features hundreds of well researched and understood dreams. Below you can see examples of these dreams which feature particular dream symbols.

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The dream mind is just like the waking mind - if distracted it will not function very effectively. If left to concentrate on important matters then the dream mind will dwell over emotional issues, relationship problems, important intellectual thoughts.

Yet if distracted the dream mind will simply lose concentration!

There are many ways the mind can be distracted during dreams. If you have a full bladder and desperately want to go to the toilet then that's a distraction! In waking life you cannot concentrate properly when you need to go to the toilet so why should it be any different during dreams?

If you are in great pain then your dreams may be linked to the pain. How can you think about anything else. In some way the dream symbols will capture thoughts related simply to that pain.

Noises can distract us. In some ways this is not really the mind being distracted. We can hear during dreams and these can be incorporated into the dreams. In some cases these noises are harmless but in other cases we are trying to sense danger. Its a bit like the old cowboy films - the cowboy sleeps with his gun by him and when he senses the slightest movement then he wakes up and is ready for a gunfight. In real life we may be trying to interpret any suspicious sounding noises.

What are the meanings of any such dreams? These dreams probably do not mean a great deal - if truly understood they would translate into the following types of thoughts - "I have toothache!", "What is that noise!", "I need to go to the toilet".

Try to look out for such dreams by looking out for possible distractions during sleep. Their meanings are simple. If you know you're being distracted it's easy. Just see how the dream's symbols translate into reality. If you want to go to the toilet and have a dream full of flowing water then try to see how that dream fits as a metaphor. It's quite a simple metaphor.

Here are a few examples of dreams involving distractions


EXAMPLE DREAM I was walking down Osgodby Crescent(near my childhood home). A song had somehow been chosen to play. It was Champagne Supernova by Oasis. The view down to Osgodby Grove was not how it should be. Instead of a street full of bungalows it was a wonderful beach scene. This was strange because I had just seen the view from Osgodby top. There was a beautiful sunrise there. So there were sunrises wherever I looked.

Then I was in my mother's bed?. I was here because she was in my bed?. It was not making much sense. I woke up and Champagne Supernova by Oasis was playing on the radio.

The dreamer woke up with a song called "Champagne Super Nova" by Oasis playing on the radio. This is a favourite song of the dreamer. It's a song about cocaine use - champagne Super Nova is a term connected to this. The dream is very drug like and involves clear drug like imagery.

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EXAMPLE DREAMI was in a lunatic asylum.

The dreamer woke up and had the worst tooth ache. He was in severe pain. In such a case the meaning of the dream simply meant "I have tooth ache. I feel as if I am losing my mind the pain is so bad"
EXAMPLE DREAM I was taking giant steps on the moon in an astronaut suit.

When the dreamer woke up the song "Walking on the Moon" was playing on the radio

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EXAMPLE DREAM I had a dream that penguin from batman was climbing up the side of my bed, he was biting me. I woke up and it was the cat latching onto me to get onto the bed.

The dreamer was feeling pain at the same time in real life as she was in the dream. It was at the exact same moment. It seems sensible to link this dream to this - common sense would suggest this.

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EXAMPLE DREAM - I woke up and heard this voice saying "He doesn't even turn up for his own show".

Once you start to know how dreams work you will spot issues which cause dreams. Loud music will cause interference in a dream. In real life this dreamer woke up with the radio on at full blast. Knowing how dreams work this dreamer knew immediately what had caused the dream - the loud music. Its meaning made perfect sense to him then. It was a dream with a little sense of humour. Being asleep he was unable to listen to the radio. So in a way he had not turned up for the show!

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EXAMPLE DREAM - I have a simple dream . A voice states to me - "You need to stop doing this." I start to think and the voice repeats - "NO - You need to stop doing this"

This was another dream with a sense of humour. This was a dream I had. I woke up and started as I usually do to try to remember and understand my dream. Yet I had to stop because I was desperately in need of going to the toilet. So my dream mind knew me all too well. I did have to stop what I was doing! I do not usually like to get up and immediately go to the toilet because this stops me from remembering my dreams. But here I simply had to.

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EXAMPLE DREAMThere was someone lying on top on me. The dream felt very real. First I started to rise up off the bed. Then I slipped back into my body again. Then someone was lying on top of me.

This is a special type of distraction dream known as sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is a semi state of consciousness. Basically we are half awake and yet cannot move. This is extremely disturbing to the dream mind. The dream we get symbolises our minds fear as we are feeling very uncomfortable. Basically the mind is distracted by this unpleasant feeling and the dreams we get link to the intense and immediate fears. Some people get the sensation of someone pressing down on them. But really the cause of the paralysis is that you are paralysed in a semi awake state. Its not caused by someone actually lying on top of you. Its the same sensation as if someone is lying on top of you.


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