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Distraction dreams

Here are all the dreams in our dream bank which are possible distraction dreams.

• Giant cat attacking me
• Reassuring feeling about alien - dream analysis
• Dream symbols - giant steps are walking on moon
• Crossing a beautiful river dream
• Dream - cat biting
• Dream - champagne supernova
• choking puppies dream analysis
• Intruder dream
• Cymbals dream
• Dream - ex tickling my daughters feet
• A Harry Potter and Draco dream
• Dream about guillotine
• Punky song dream
• Dream - violent incident
• Torture/running/trapped dream
• my son crying in an asylum
• Completely crushed dream
• Sex with several men - dream analysis
• Not turning up for show - dream analysis
• Fighting crabs dream
• Loud rock music dream
• Staring at women's breasts
• A disturbance dream
• Need to stop - dream meaning
• Seeing a tsunami dream
• Urgent problem - dream interpretation

This dream is just one of hundreds of well researched dreams from the DREAM BANK. This is a collection of dreams where it is believed that the cause of the dream is understood. From this bank of dreams we can start to understand the language of dreams.