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DREAM FORUM - Dream about visiting dead family and God killing big black dag
POSTED June 25, 2012, 13:01 by midgiedbales@cox.net (Viewed 625 times)

THE DREAM : I had a dream of my dead father(both of my parents are deceased)and myself,traveling through the cosmos(like a whole neighborhood in heaven of sorts)we were visiting places,and people, he stopped and showed me a water reseviour he had made,and there were lush fruits and,and I said to him"Dad, you can't build this on someone elses property!" and he said "everyones stuff is everyones up here." so we cruised on, then 3 little kids tried to make us run them over in the road, and I got angry and was gonna go tell their mother, and my father said "No, I ma tired. let's go!" and that is when I noticed the bandage on his chest(he died from a heart attack)but I did anyway, and my mother was in this two story house, with all of my other dead relatives, and she grabbed me, and hugged me SO TIGHT(I actually STILL felt her embrace after I woke!!) and she was kissing me, and telling me she loved me, it felt SO amazing! And there was a young man cooking for my mother, aunt, cousin and grandmother,and I think he was my grandfather (he passed when my mother was 6 years old, so he was young when he died),then my Dad said, "let's Go!! I ma tired!" so I said my good byes, and there where all these kittens in front og this house, that were the babies of a cat that was poisoned,and my mother mourned him so in life, so it was cool to see the kittens, then I was leaving, and this black man in a loin cloth was going to kill this HUGE,HUGE black dog,and I said "dude, I can't let you kill that dog!" and he said " I have to Midgie, for he is the bad energy that keeps you from your dreams,he blocks your mantra." or something to that effect, and i said "okay, but please do it after I leave, then we left and i woke up!!

THE BACKGROUND:when i woke, after this dream, I felt my mothers embrace, it felt amazing, as my grief over loosing both parents, my aunt, my cousin and grandmother all with in a few years, I have asked for a "sign" I have seen several Psychics, and the day before this, I begged for a "sign" I was missing them all so much, and had had several terrible dreams where my Mom cussed me out)I had to move her into a house that she HATED and said it was "haunted",she said she saw "ghost" all the time, but the house she came from was hazardous to her health, ans she was also put on home hospice at the same time,and this house was very scary, bad energy was in there, and I have always felt guilty and afraid she might still be there,it was haunted, and she passed away there, long story, but I did what was best for her, but had tremendous guilt over it all, she suffered,died 4 times, and one of those times, swore she traded her life for my Aunts, who died of ovarian cancer before my mother, when she was healthy her whole life,so my mother was not only mentally tortured, she suffered terrible physical pain as well, it was gut wrenching to see her suffer, but I had to move her there, because her former house was really uninhabitable, anyway, I hope you read this, the dream is one small part of some crazy events, I would like to know what the dog means, and if it was really my parents, I miss them terribly, thank you
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DEATH: Death is often used in a quite abstract way in dreams. If you no longer see an ex boyfriend or girlfriend then if they die in a dream it may simply mean that you realise that you will never see them again(the relationship has DIED!). It may also symbolise a change in your life as are no longer able to do something (If you have a bad knee you can no longer play football so that part of you has died). Dreams are often like short plays and the emotions that they evoke could be feelings that you are experiencing right now. If a dear friend or loved one died then you would be devastated. That just may be your minds way of saying that you really value that person - you could not live without them.

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ANGER: Emotions are often easy to understand in dreams. Try to see how that emotion could represent recent feelings - especially from the day before. If you are bottling emotions up it may show that you are feeling frustrated. Indeed you may have no way of showing frustration... if you are working in a job where it is innapropriate to show any frustrations. Dreams can be an outlet for general frustrations. If you feel a resentment that people are not showing you the respect youdeserve then thaat could be wht triggered the dream. Dreams with anger in need not be about you. Did you see someone else very angry the day before? It maybe a dream about you trying to understand someone elses point of view.

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KILLED OR MURDERED: Dreams tap into similar sets of emotions and so what exactly does murder involve. Firstly, it involves strong emotions so its likely that a dream with murder in reveals your strong negative feelings about someone. Dream studies have shown that murder dreams involve strong negative feelings towards someone or something. It can link to someone who you really dislike - someone who you want out of your life. Murrder can also be a symbol for your rsistance towards something. You want to cut it out of your life!

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POISON: If dreams represent your emotions then what could poison symbolize? Maybe the poison could represent someone's spitefulness? Poison could represent a situation so think of something that is poisonous in that it is slowly destroying you? Perhaps a job or relationship that is really not working and staying there is destroying you from inside.

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BABIES: Dream symbols tap into situations which have similar emotions. What emotions do you associate with babies? A baby takes a lot of care and attention and so can represent a thought such as "I am really enjoying this new project and I am putting in a lot of effort". So babies can represent positive emotions as we are trying to nurture something or someone in our lives. But babies can also be seen as a burden which we are having to put lots of resources into.

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GRABBING: -Have you got lots of unused energy right now?
-Do you feel unsettled or unhappy right now?
- Do you feel pressured?
- Have you just shown massive determination and resolve? Do you want to show more resolve?

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MOTHERS: Understanding dreams is often quite easy. Actually dreams symbols can be directly translated in certain words and their meanings are easily understood by reading an ordinary dictionary. Mothers can represent the words and phrases "Welcoming", "reassuring", "helping", "needing closure", "being sensible", "worries", and "taking time". Try to see how your real life thoughts feature words like this and you will start to gain an insight into what the meaning of the dream is. For instance if you were warmly welcomed thed ay before then your mind has been noting this warm welcome - we constantly think over how people react to us. Such dreams don't have much of a meaning (in fact most dreams do not have meanings that help us) - they just represent day processing in the mind.

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