Dream - cat biting

If you feel pain in real life then quite often you can feel pain in a dream. The story in the dream may bear no relationship to reality. However, the dream is essentially saying "I feel pain right now."

THE DREAM I had a dream that penguin from batman was climbing from the side of my bed, he was biting me. I woke up and it was the cat latching onto me to get onto the bed.

THE REALITY The dreamer was feeling pain at the same time in real life as she was in the dream. It was at the exact same moment.

THE INTERPRETATION This is quite an interesting dream as it is obvious that the pain in real life is connected to the pain in the dream. The dream was simply stating "I am in pain. What is causing this?"

What was the symbolic meaning of the Batman in the dream? This is a metaphor for the cat. Remember that the dreamer is asleep and did not actually see the cat. The dreamer is trying to assess during sleep what is happening. Maybe the dream links into thoughts like "What is my cat doing. It is jumping about like it's in some adventure" (like Batman).

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