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Dream - champagne supernova

If you are listening to a radio or TV whilst asleep then the sound from theses will be incorporated into your dream.

THE DREAM I was walking down Osgodby Crescent(near my childhood home). A song had somehow been chosen to play. It was Champagne Supernova by Oasis. The view down to Osgodby Grove was not how it should be. Instead of a street full of bungalows it was a wonderful beach scene. This was strange because I had just seen the view from Osgodby top. There was a beautiful sunrise there. So there were sunrises wherever I looked.

Then I was in my mothers bed? I was here because she was in my bed? It was not making much sense. I woke up and Champagne Supernova by Oasis was playing on the radio.

THE REALITY The dreamer had woken up and turned the radio on. Later he fell back asleep. The song in the dream was one of the dreamers favorites and was actually playing in real life when he woke up. The song in question features the opening line "where were you when we were getting high". It is a song associated with drugs.

THE INTERPRETATION The song in the dream was playing in real life when the dreamer awoke. It took place during the dream. The dream itself seems to fit in with the mood of the song. It was a somewhat psychedelic dream with sunsets and sunrises everywhere.

The scene with the beds was strange as well. It was somewhat surreal. But it somewhat followed reality. The radio show the dreamer was listening too featured a web camera in one of the radio presenters bedrooms. This was one of the features the dreamer heard before he went back to sleep. The way that the radio presenter was sleeping reminded the dreamer of the way that he was sleeping.

The song probably has no meaning. The dreamers mind was probably just tuning into the sounds her heard around him. When we have worked through our essential emotional problems then the dream mind may simply try to entertain itself.

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