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Dream interpretation - techniques

Dream interpretation is not easy. First you have to decide what has triggered your dream. Try the following guide on this site.

Dream Guide

This dream guide is only the start. This will give you several clues to what could have triggered your dream. You will find out that the dream was possibly caused by a big incident the day before. You then have to go about proving this link and understanding the dream symbolism. Not easy! You need to learn dream interpretation techniques.

The best person to analyse anyone's dream is the person who had it. So if you want to really understand a dream then you really have to spend time learning dream symbolism. The best way to do this is to read through the dreams on this website. Dream interpretation is a practical skill so learn how to interpret dreams by reading the dreams of other people.

Which way is your mind pointing? One good way to decide what has triggered your dream is to see which way your mind is pointing. Are you thinking backwards to the previous day? Or are you looking forwards thinking about the next day? Its likely that your dreams will follow the direction of your own mind.

Try to ignore the facts of a dream. Dreams seem to have strange story lines which often make us laugh. Your male teacher might be wearing a pink dress and reciting poems backwards! You might meet a whale dressed up as a policeman! These are obviously not literal dreams. These things do simply not happen. Try to look at what is going on beneath the surface. Take the following dream.

THE DREAM - There is a snake. I am with some people. I feel that I can keep this snake under control. I am using a kind of toy snake which I am controlling. I feel that I can definitely keep this snake under control. Yet it moves forward and continues to edge forward. I am unable to react in time. I wake up as it is about to get within striking distance. As I wake up the dream continues on. When I wake up I am desperately trying to get the snake off me - its in my duvet.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer had been thinking about a bad situation which was building up at work. One thought to cross his mind the night before was to try to get at some of the people who had been very devious. This was supposed to be a very subtle and clever way at getting back at people who were causing trouble.

If you were to look at the basic story line it was a strange tale about snakes. Looking beneath the surface the dreamer believes he can control a dangerous and volatile situation. In fact he cannot. That's the point of the dream. It simply mimics reality. The dreamer was too confident the day before and was about to behave in a very risky way.

Are you feeling very introverted and inside yourself? If you are preoccupied with your own moods and paranoia's then dreams will be pointing in exactly the same way. If you are depressed then a depressed dream will not be difficult to interpret. You are just noting this strong mood. If you felt very excited the night before then look for evidence of that in your dream. Overall dreams reveal the reality of our own emotions. Sometimes your dream will add some objectivity to real life. But it will just as easily follow your own mood or paranoia's. Sometimes we can snap out of this in dreams. We wake up feeling refreshed and in better spirits. The problem that was dogging us the previous day has gone and we are not thinking over the same one issue.


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