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Thetawaves and dreams

Thetawaves - how dreams link to brain processes and the day before

It has long been established that many dreams seem to link to the day before. Argue however much you want but even Freud believed this. He isolated certain important dreams which held important messages about our personalities. Yet there were other less consequential dreams which linked to residual memories from the day before.

Its easy to see the connection. You go to a party and have dreams about parties or bars or other social situations. You have a dream about the the sea the day after you read about a boat. Little connections like these often show a very large connection to the day before.

Why is there such a large connection?

Jon Winson many years ago established the existence of something called thetawaves. Basically, certain brain waves only function at night during sleep. In short we store up memories in short term memory blocks. Then at night we start to process through these. We start to reorder our minds. We integrate new experiences into long term memory blocks.

There is indeed a massive connection between dreams and the day before. We work through recent events and thoughts and place them into new memory blocks so allowing us to free up short term memory blocks. They can be used the next day.

The importance of these brain processes maybe seen by the importance of sleep and the need to sleep. If people are deprived of sleep they suffer immense damage. Those people who have tried to stay awake for days on end without sleep can end up damaged - permanently. Sleep competitions have been held. In one American town a competition was held with the winner (the one who stayed awake longest) winning a truck. One man became so deranged that he walked out into the nearest store of gunmart and picked up a shotgun. He then murdered someone.

Other competition have been held resulting in problems. One DJ stayed awake for days but was psychologically damaged by this. He never truly recovered.

There must be something vital about sleep. Maybe its linked to these brain processes. Short term memory blocks become so cluttered up that effective thinking becomes impossible. We need to sleep in order to clear these short term memory blocks.

So if sleep is so vital then something really important must be going on here! During sleep we must reflect on the world and formulate new thoughts. Perhaps dreams link to these vital brain processes. Its not easy to prove this. But by studying the dreams here you may start to see how key thoughts are portrayed in dream symbols. Its not an easy language to learn and sometimes seems strange.


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