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Neural networks and dream symbolism

For many years dream symbolism has been somewhat sneered at. Of course many dream symbolism books are simplistic. Their main problem is that they define any given dream symbol in one narrow way. Lions mean courage and spiders mean fear. That's the sort of definitions to be expected.

But perhaps dream symbolism should not be so readily dismissed. In fact their seems some similarities between dream symbolism and neural networks - the main building blocks of the mind. Dreams symbols use one memory to point to something similar. Neural networks build up patterns in the brain. a typical neural pattern would link together the following things:
- A child smiling and playing happily
- A peaceful meadow with the sun glowing
- A beautiful woman.
- A day when everyone got along at work.
- A happy holiday scene

So really neural networks will form together events and feelings that had things in common. Presume you had a very pleasing day the day before then either one of these events could symbolise a set of similar emotions. So in effect these could all represent this best possible day in a dream. The dreams meaning would be fairly simple - you are noting the previous day and how good it was.

Neural patterns come in simple forms like this. But they also form patterns together in strange and unusual ways. These link to deep intuitive processes within the brain. A neural network will look at patterns that the ordinary processes of logic would ignore. For instances neural networks would spot little changes in behavior. They would form conclusions from these minute changes. For instance a neural network may form a pattern in how someone is behaving. They may spot the following type of thought "My sister seems to be acting very strangely. She seems very quiet. I wonder if something is wrong". So therefore neural networks and intuitions think in bold ways. They make statements that may often be wrong but may indeed be right. Say for instance you had noticed that a neighbour had not been seen in his garden for a few days. Yet most days you would see them clearing up some leaves or tidying up a hedge. If they are not there this may just be a coincidence. You maybe just did not look at the right moment. But such patterns build up warnings in the brain. We may pop round to see this elderly neighbour and find they are in urgent need of help. We may simply be way off the mark and completely wrong. You may indeed make a fool of yourself worrying over nothing.

These are the types of thoughts that the intuition deals with. Our neural minds form connections. Yet often these maybe wrong. But such are the decisions that we have to make. We have to form opinions on matters like these. Life is not black and white. Sometimes we have to make decisions when we would really like a great deal more information. Take the following dilemma:"I wonder if my young eight year old son is old enough to walk to school on his own yet?". Really a mother would like a great deal more information to allow her son to walk to school alone. Yet life is not like that. We must act. At some point she has to simply test things out and allow him to walk home alone. What about this dilemma: "I really do not trust my boyfriend". What is a girl to do? Should she employ a private detective or get her friends to spy on him? Either would help her put her mind at ease and give her the information she wants. Yet in breaching the confidence and trust implicit in a relationship she would destroy the whole basis of the relationship. Sometimes then we must act on hunches.


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