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The dream mind is like a TV

Think of the dream mind as a TV - used in many different ways

Many people think of dreams in one way or the other. In fact dreams seem to have many different causes. It is handy to think of dreams in the same way we think of TV. A TV can be used in so many ways. We can watch meaningless soap operas and formulaic comedies. Yet we can also see very cultural and spiritual programs on TV. We can watch some real junk but occasionally there is something truly intellectual and mind expanding. A TV can in fact be used for purposes other than TV. Some TVs double as computer monitors. TV can be hooked up to the videos and DVD'S. They can become monitors for computer games. They can be used in so many different ways.

Many people have negative views of Tv. But thats because they are concentrating on one particular use which they think of in a negative way. The same is true with dreams. Many people believe that dreams can be highly spiritual involving telepathy and psychic powers. That is perhaps true but remember that dreams also have quite trivial meanings.

Psychologists also have negative views of psychic dreams. They tend to completely dismiss them! It is certainly the case that dreams reflect the inner world of the dreamer and their fantasies and paranoia's. They also touch on specific issues happening at the time of the dream. Yet there is a lot of evidence that dreams can link to telepathy and psychic powers. Psychologists are just not open to any such ideas.

Dreams have many causes so any theory must explore these different causes. A dream may simply reflect the inner world of the dreamer. The personal and psychological reality of the dreamers thoughts and perceptions. Yet in other ways dreams explore other times and dimensions. It seems that dreams can be precognitive. That's my own belief formed since I had a dream which I linked to one particular person who died that very next day.


Dreams can be very emotional. But they also seems to be linked to conceptual ideas and thinking. Any new clarifications in our thinking originate from the intuitive dream mind.

Emotional Dreams

Intuitive dreams

Indeed some dreams come from a mind which is distracted. Say you want to go to the toilet whilst sleeping then your mind cannot rest peacefully and so your dreams link to this distraction.



Here is a list of every type of dream.

Distraction dreams
Previous days events dreams
Personality dreams
Emotional dreams
Nightmare dreams
Relationship dreams
Life change dreams
Intuitive dreams
Premonition dreams
Rehearsal dreams
Creative dreams
Next day dreams
Lots of dreams

Each type is slightly different from the others. Most dreams tend to link to thoughts in your in right now. But try looking through each type. There are lots of examples which are explained in full.


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