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A presentation dream

THE DREAM I seemed to be in my grandmas old house on seamer road. She died mnay years ago. Some kind of presentation seemed to be going on. At one point actors had become involved. They had, made a protest and with the cooperation of the writer certain changes were made. There were facts - such as ice moves at 40 miles an hour - and then this was explained.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer was doing some presentations in real life. The dream could be about how to approach these presentations. The actors were probably linked to improved expression and making things sound dramatic. The actors were collaborating with the writers. The writer has an obvious symbolic link to writing and making a presentsation

DREAM ANALYSIS: We often have creative dreams which link to the projects which we are thinking through. In this case the dreamer was thinking through a presentation that he was making and then he had a dream about a presentation. It is most likely that this is a creative dream linked to this task.

We almost certainly know that the dream is about. It will link to some creative ideas or strong emotions linked to this creative task which was obviously involving the dreamers emotions. All we have to do is to see the relevance of the particular symbols to real life.

The main symbol seems to be the actors. This shows that the dreamer was thinking about the expression he was using. He was wanting to put across his ideas dramatically in the way that an actor might put ideas across.

The dream also hints at the style that the dreamer was thinking through. In the dream there were facts - such as ice moves at 40 miles an hour - and then this was explained. So in thinking about his presentation he was wanting to use facts but then he was wanting to explain them.

Let us tie this altogether. The dream featured a presentation and this clearly hints that the dream is about his own presentations in real life. That is too much of a coincidence. Then we note that actors will be involved which we interpret as his wish to be very dramatic in his expression. Then there are references to facts and a wish to explain them. If we weave these different themes together we find that the dream links to this feeling "I am writing my presentations. I want to really improve my expression. I want the style to be very dramatic. I want to include facts and then maybe explain them so that people can understand what I am doing."

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