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Mapping out dream

THE DREAM Mapping. I was kind of building a map. I had some papers from work with me. I was stretching places to make them fit to the map. I was kind of drawing in houses and see how they fitted with the sky. I was taking great care with the map. I was also building trade routes - so that trade could be more effective. At some point I was planning plane journies to quickly move between places

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer was building a collection of research for his work. He was trying to collect information on all possibilities. He was trying to think of ways to make these as easily accessible as possible and make cross references easy. He had been putting in a lot of effort into this and was extremely proud of what it had so far achieved.

DREAM ANALYSIS: If you have been thinking about some work task or creative project then its likely that your dreams may link to this work at key moments. The dreamer had been putting in a lot of effort into this just recently and so its possible that that this dream links to that project.

There is one good clue in that some work papers were incorporated into this dream even though they had no relevance at all to map making. Dreams will often include little clues like this which indicate that the dream will link in some way to that clue. So it's the dreams way of saying "this is about work" and "this dream is about your research work."

This dream shows the dreamer taking great care over this map which seems to be a symbol for the meticulous care with which he researched his subject. It's likely that the dream means that "I want to take as much care with my project as possible."

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