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Film review dream

THE DREAM I am in some house. I am wondering about the right way to do something. There are workmen there. Later I am reading a book and my best friend is there. He is an actor. The book is a film review book and is full of statistics and neatly laid out info. When I woke up I was hearing the song in my mind with the words "Your so vain - you probably think this song is about you"

THE REALITYThe day before the dreamer had been thinking about trying to promote his own ideas at work. He had done some well thought out research and wished to promote his own ideas. But he did not like to be seen to be actively promoting his own views.

DREAM ANALYSIS The book in the dream reminded the dreamer of some research he had done recently at work. So he felt that this dream could be connected with that.

The dream also included this song lyric "Your so vain - you probably think this song is about you." Song lyrics are often a good clue to a dreams meaning. Here the song is very clearly about vanity and people being self obsessed. So the dreamer looked for a theme where this was relevant in his life. He felt that if he actively promoted his own ideas at work people may think him vain and self important.

The dream features an actor. Actors also link to the public way in which they get up on stage and promote and project their ideas.

Symbolic Meanings
ACTOR : "project your ideas in a very public way in front of lots of people"
BOOK : "Your own well thought out ideas"
PEOPLE : "thinking about the right and appropriate way to act"

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