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Lionel Blair dream

THE DREAM I with the actor Lionel Blair who is wearing a silly hat. There seems to be a sharks fin somewhere in the background that is swimming around. There is a large stage.

THE REALITY On the day of this dream the dreamer was due to make a speech at work. He was having to argue for something he did not feel totally convinced about. He felt danger connected with this as he did not feel convinced by his own arguments.

DREAM ANALYSIS Sometimes we get dreams that make some sense because we are helping save someone or something. We can recognise that in real life that dog or person has been on our mind and we feel the need to protect them. The point is why does the dream feature alligators? Dreams do use extreme metaphors. But if you look at dreams in a more straightforward way they make more sense. An alligator is something that we would avoid at all costs. So this dream is pointing to some real life situation where the dreamer was trying to prevent her mother or dog getting into trouble. Most dreams have their trigger on the day before so its worthwhile seeking out what triggered the dream specifically.

Symbolic Meanings
ACTOR : "the dreamer needs to give a convincing performance in his speech - but the arguments he uses do not convince anyone even himself"
SHARK : "sensing danger with the speech"
STAGE : "a very public speech - the dreamer has to stand up in front of others which he does not like to do"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am going to have to make this pitch. But the arguments I am going to use do not totally convince even me so how can I hope to convince someone else. I just think that this is something I would rather avoid."

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