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Snake farm

DREAM - snake farm last night, I dreamt my friend and I had a farm in which we sort of planted snakes or reared snakes better put. These snakes were put in little holes of the farm land. Surprisingly, we found buyers all around us telling us they want to buy some snakes. we were even surprised the more because we found out that the buyers were people with high status.

This dream was posted on on the October 27, 2012, 00:06 by franco. It was viewed 4 times

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:my friend and I were discussing about how we are going to flourish in our business. we were discussing how uneasy it has been to venture into good business. I was telling him on some strategies and plans we need to do to succeed, get available capital, etc.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Hi Franco - thanks for posting your dream

I sometimes feel its best to just summarize a dream - getting really to the heart of what is happening rather than getting stuck in strange symbols.

Your dream could be summarized in the following way - "We had loads of problems but still we managed to do OK"

In real life you were thinking about the future and business trends and pressures. I see how this could represent the thoughts you have about the future. In real life it perhaps suggests that you feel this way - "I am aware of all the problems. But there are reasons to be optimistic. There are still ways to get money and to succeed in the current business environment"

See how the two match.

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