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Crossing a beautiful river dream

A dream where the dreamer ends up in a very uncomfortable position was clearly triggered by her waking up in a very uncomfortable curled up position.

THE DREAM - I dreamt I crossed a river last night... it was a beautiful, clear, clean and it had shallow parts it allowed me to cross with a bike I was walking with... I rinsed some pieces of clothes and loaded them on its back seat, chatted with some companions in the house who alighted from our van and were walking along also crossing the river. Then after passing through the river bank, they went in to their van and I got into my bike... I was too big for it that I could not properly stretch out my feet to pedal it no matter how I tried...I felt strained...then woke up and found myself curled up so small inside my sheet just like I was curled up to ride that bike!

The dreamer woke up strained. The dream could be about the psychical position he was in during the dream.

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- The dreamer was in exactly the same position in the dream as he was in the bed.

ANALYSIS : The dream deals with the following themes
- Feeling uncomfortable
- Being in a curled up position

The dream captures the following feeling - "Whilst sleeping I was very uncomfortable. I am curled up."

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key feeling that was relevant at that very moment. The mind was distracted.

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