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Dream - violent incident

THE DREAM - I dreamt that I had woken up to some dramatic incident taking place between my neighbours downstairs. It seemed like some violent argument of even a fight was taking place. There were loud voices (shouting), serious threats and swearing.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been having problems with his neighbour for sometime. He suspected that his neighbour really hated him. The night before the dreamer laid awake listening to his neighbour moaning constantly. It seemed to last for ages. He fell asleep and woke up and he could still hear the feint noise of his neighbour moaning. This seemed to go on all night. At one point the dreamer heard his neighbour get very irate about something. The next time the dreamer fell asleep he woke to this dream. However, nothing was happening downstairs. However, this whole situation was getting to the dreamer. He could not bear being around someone who was so negative. He could hear his neighbour constantly and he sounded very wound up and the situation needed watching.

THE INTERPRETATION It is very easy to work out what triggered this dream as it seems very literal. The dreamer was worried about the tone of his neighbour as he could hear him moaning about something or other downstairs during the middle of the night.

In someways the dream is quite literal, yet there was no actual violence. This dream seems to be a distraction dream as the dreamer was listening to noises around him during the night. He sensed his neighbour was getting really worked up and feared something may happen. He was listening to his constant moaning and was prepared for trouble.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I went to bed last night only hear my neighbour moaning on for what seemed like forever. At one point I heard him get very worked up and thought for a second he was starting up on his other next door neighbour. This is getting me down being around someone who is so negative."

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