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Dream symbolism - calm down

THE DREAM I just heard a voice or felt I heard a voice. I was being told to "calm down and stop being so angry".

GUESSWORK The dreamer suffered from schizophrenia. Just recently his life had taken a bad turn and he was very resentful.

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1. CALM DOWN: A voice telling the dreamer to calm down had a very simple meaning as the dreamer was suffering from schizophrenia and had become very resentful at the state of his life.
2. ANGER: Anger in the dream simply captured the real life anger which was consuming the dreamer.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the dreamers schizophrenia and depression. Just recently he had been very resentful.
- resentments

If you think about the dreams simple symbolism and relate it to the dreamers current mood then it captures this thought -"I know I have been very angry recently and resentful. I have got to calm down now."

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